7 Design Tools To Create Amazing Visual Content On A Budget

There’s no better way to ignite engagement but to use visual content. You will stand out from the crowd and get a second chance to repurpose text-only content into eye catching graphs, interesting quotes, great social media post. The possibilities are endless. But how to create images that don’t take hours to make or don’t spend your entire marketing budget? Although there will be some occasions where you won’t be able to avoid paying substantial amount of money for design services, there are many tools that will increase the quality of your content for a fraction of price or even for free. We came across a few of them, so we wanted to share our favorite and easy-to-use ones that will help you create amazing visual content in minutes:

Awesome Screenshot

If you’ve tried taking screenshots you know that the biggest problem is being able to capture only what’s visible on your screen – which makes taking screenshots of long pages very challenging. You would need more than one tool to crop, edit and adapt screenshot to your purpose. If this is your case we recommend Awesome Screenshot that can screenshot anything on the web (full page or only what is visible on-screen) and edit it directly within your browser without having to use multiple apps. This tool will allow you to annotate focal points, blur the ones you don’t want to see or share your screenshot with your social media directly from Awesome Screenshot.

Even if you’ve found a way to take beautiful screenshots that’s not always the most professional way to display visual of your application, social media or web page. The best alternative is a tool called PlaceIt. You simply enter a URL or desired image and PlaceIt will automatically grab the screenshot and insert it into one of 600 free product mockups. Your screenshot will appear as the screen on a computer, iPad, smartphone, laptop or any other product you choose to have on a photo. The final product will look something like this.

Piktochart or Infogr.am
In case you need to present some interesting data but don’t have designer at hand you should try one of these two tools for a quick and easy infographic. With Infogr.am you can import raw data and the site’s online tool will help you turn that data into a nice looking chart or full infographic in few minutes. Piktochart, on the other hand, offers more than 100 categorized themes, which means that instead of starting from scratch, you’re starting with 75% of the final product. From that point on you just need to drag-and-drop themes, icons, vectors or images and click your way through available color schemes, shapes and fonts.

PowToon or Magisto
Is video a part of your social media strategy? If not, it should be. You could use it for a product demo, client testimonial or an introduction of your team. For fun and creative video try PowToon that allows you to choose between many predefined animations and characters and create engaging product demos or explainer videos. In case you want to turn your existing videos and photos into exciting, memorable movies you can try Magitso. It will select best parts of your videos and photos, add chosen music, themes or effects and turn them into beautiful little movies.

Content Creator
If you don’t have time for Photoshop and feel limited with Power Point’s visual capabilities you should try our very own Content Creator mobile app. It will allow you to edit your images – resize and recolor them, add stickers, borders, text, and publish them as posts, ads or Cover photos directly to your Facebook or Twitter Page. You can design from scratch or look for an inspiration in pre-made templates that will help you create super shareable visual content in minutes – even if you don’t have any graphic design experience.

With an increasing number of content competing for attention it has never been more important to embrace the power of beautiful design. We are sure that these tools will turn you into visual content artists and help you create awesome visual content that gets results. Let us know how it goes; we would like to hear from you!