The 4 Key Ingredients For Great Visual Content

In a world that is increasingly visual it’s important to develop and maintain a distinct visual style that makes you instantly recognizable and memorable. The placement and choice of your colors, fonts, images and layouts is a crucial part of that process. That’s why we’ll talk about these four ingredients and ways in which other brands implement them successfully in their social media strategies.

1. Color
Successful brands use their brand colors consistently across different graphic elements such as text, icons or backgrounds and they even choose images that are in harmony with their color scheme. Look at the way company Benefit Cosmetics uses their pink palette in different social media posts. Pink is featured as a background color, as a text color and can even be found as a feature color on images. Feminine, gentle and soothing, this blush pink perfectly reflects the personality and atmosphere of the brand.

What you can learn from this example is to choose two to max four colors and use them repeatedly in your social media posts and marketing. Consisted usage of colors will help the audience to become familiar with your brand and instantly recognize it in the sea of other content. For more information about colors, their psychology and most powerful color combinations check our previous posts (here and here). Remember, the color should reflect your brand so choose pastel colors if you want to be perceived as gentle, friendly and elegant, opt for bright ones if your brand is youthful, vibrant and bold or embrace blues and grays if you want to be perceived as trustworthy, calming and professional.

2. Font
Fonts, just like colors, reflect your brand personality so you need to figure out how you want to be perceived: as elegant, modern, friendly or traditional? Make sure to choose 2 or max 3 fonts and use them consistently across all your social media visuals. You can always experiment with upper cases or smaller sizes of the same font if you want to create more variety. Leave decorative or script fonts such as Bilbo, Dynalight or Grand Hotel for the headline, as that’s a good place to express brand’s personality. Remaining text should be easy to read, so go for a serif or sans serif font such as Trabajo, Libertinage or Crusoe Text. If you take a look at posts on Food Matters you will notice that the script font is used for headlines and quotes, while other information are written in solid, sans serif font. Notice how the placement of logo and text is consistent which additionally improves brand recognition.

3. Image
Creating your own individual aesthetic, the one that reflects the personality and lifestyle of your target audience, is what all successful companies are trying to accomplish on Instragram and Facebook. To achieve that you need to think about a person you want to attract. Are they younger or older? Do they do sports, drive a car, spend days in the office? What do they do on the weekend? What’s their idea of a fun time? All those questions will help you find just the right photo from paid or free stock libraries. As you will not be able to always find images with the same lighting or color consistency we recommend that you experiment with filters available at Content Creator app and choose the ones that best match your desired visual style. If you use them consistently across all visuals, you will create individual and unique look and feel. For more inspiration look at the lifestyle magazine Kinfolk that is consistently using a minimalist approach characterized by muted, almost pastel color palette and very cool, film-processed filter.

4. Layout
The best way to save your time and maintain visual harmony is to develop layout templates. With them your post will look unified, clean and more professional. You can choose to have the same layout for all your posts, or you can differentiate certain types of posts with a distinct layout. For example, if all your sales posts include bright color background, white headline and photo of the prize your fans will, in time, identify such posts as “sales” and notice them easily. Look at the way Microsoft posts their Friday questions and pay attention to the consistency in logo positioning, font selection and type of background colors.

Successful brands have their own unique visual personality and style that targets the audience and makes them stand out from thousands and thousands of posts that appear on different social media networks every minute. It’s about time you think about your voice, look for an inspiration in your favorite brands and put your visual strategy into action with the help of Content Creator.