Facebook Business Page vs. Website: Do You Have To Choose?

 Having a Facebook Page is easier, cheaper, more convenient and almost instantly gratifying (in terms of number of fans) experience so it’s clear why some companies decide to have that social media as their only source of online business presence. Others however disagree. They believe that the fact that Facebook is “middleman” between you and your fans, that it occasionally changes privacy policy and that you ultimately have no power over it makes it even more important to have your own website as your primary online base that is owned and supervised by your company. 

For appssolut, having to choose between these two sounded like a bad idea so we developed an application called Content Gallery that will help you enjoy benefits of both. Since it works as a mini website on your Facebook page this application is a perfect way for you to drive traffic from your Page to the website, but it’s also a great way to feature your web content to the audience that rarely leaves social media. Here are just few examples:
This application will enable you to move beyond simple About Us tab and explain your business using welcoming text and great photos.

You can highlight your company, products, services or successful stories in one of 4 available tabs.

It’s a perfect place to explain benefits of liking your Facebook Page (info on discounts, prize games, breaking news, etc) to all existing and potential Facebook fans.

If you share our opinion that a multi-channel approach is important for long-last online success try the Content Gallery app today and start synchronizing your informative website with your engaging Facebook Page for more presence and better business results.