At First Sight: How to Make Audience Notice, Remember and Love Your Brand on Facebook

In a world where smartphones and photo filters have greatly improved our ability to take and edit photos it became important to have credible, high quality and relevant visual content on Facebook. The one that will not only help you establish brand reputation and become instantly recognizable but also allow your fans to notice, understand and engage with your content. So if your posts are getting lost in the noise of the Newsfeed or if your presence is hard to distinguish from the competition, it’s time to elevate visual experience by following four elements:

Cover Photo
As it takes almost a quarter of the screen, Cover Photos are a perfect place to showcase brand personality. Use it to highlight offers, promote hashtag campaigns or communicate some call to action but don’t try to convey too many ideas at once. If you want to promote your latest eBook, great! Just don’t promote your latest eBook, upcoming Conference and list of prominent speakers all on the same cover. Make sure to highlight just one idea at a time, as that will motivate you to change your Cover photo frequently. Also, always keep in mind where the profile picture and text are placed so that your overall design makes sense. For more inspiration on Cover Photo design check out 7 more ways to grab attention with Facebook Cover Photo. 

Profile Photo
The Profile Photo is there to make your brand instantly recognizable and due to its size it is better if you avoid too many details and focus on a design that can hold when shrunken down to the small size. It is a general rule-of-thumb to use this place for your company logo, as the logo can stand on its own and help your audience easily recognize your brand in the newsfeed and across different social media platforms. It is also recommended that Profile and Cover photos match and compliment each other through usage of similar or complementary colors, fonts and image styles.

Facebook Post
Research has shown that photo posts generate 53% more likes than the average text post but almost 88% of posts already contain photos, so you have to find a way to create a distinct visual style that will make you instantly recognizable and memorable. The placement and choice of your colors, fonts, images or logo is a crucial part of that process.

Color: Choose two to max four colors and use them repeatedly in your social media posts, as that is the easiest way for the audience to recognize your brand in the sea of other content. The color should reflect your brand so choose pastel colors if you want to be perceived as gentle, friendly and elegant, opt for bright ones if your brand is youthful, vibrant and bold or embrace blues and grays if you want to be perceived as trustworthy, calming and professional. For inspiration take a look at the way company Benefit Cosmetics uses their pink palette as a background color or as a feature color on images.

Fonts: As they also reflect brand personality you need to figure out how you want to be perceived: as elegant, modern, friendly or traditional? Make sure to choose 2 or max 3 fonts and use them consistently. You can always experiment with upper cases or different weights (regular, bold, italic) of the same font if you want to create more variety. Use decorative, ornamental font styles for the headline, as that is a good place to express your brand personality but for the remaining text think only about functionality and choose fonts that are simple and easy to read.

Image: To create posts that reflect personality and lifestyle of your target audience think about people you want to talk to. Are they younger or older? Do they do sports, drive a car, spend days in the office? What do they do for a weekend or what’s their idea of a fun time? All those questions will help you to find the right photo from paid or many free stock libraries such as Death to the Stock Photo, Picjumbo, or Gratisography. Mix great image with catching call to action by using simple and free applications that will help you design your own posts in less than 5 minutes thanks to several dozen pre-made post templates.

Logo: All your posts should be branded as that provides consistency and reinforces your brand. Decide on the minimum size of your logo and place it in the corner of the photo. In that way you will make quiet but consistent statement without being too distracting or overpowering the message or image.

Facebook Ads
The success of any Facebook ad depends mostly on focused targeting and a great design that attracts the attention. If a lack of budget or time is what’s keeping you from starting or adjusting your ad campaigns look for applications that allow you to create social media and online ads quickly and for free. Develop up to at least 4 different ad designs for each campaign (preferably use two different images with two different copy texts) and test each one of them. Stay away from blue or white color, as they will blend in with the background, and don’t forget to strengthen your image by integrating a text that will encourage fans to like, save, shop… As Facebook has strict policy according to which text may occupy only 20% of the image always check whether you’ve met the requirement by using Facebook’s Grid Tool.

If your business includes e-commerce take advantage of multi-product ads that include from 3 to 5 images and their corresponding links within one ad. For best results mix images of people and products as they are a best way to showcase the story of the brand.

Let us know, how important is visual content for your Facebook page? Have you been able to grow your community with a help of visual content? What are your tricks to design most engaging Photo Posts or Ads? Please share your thoughts and ideas in comments below!