Picking A Color Palette: 5 Beautiful Ideas For Your Next Social Media Design

Color is light and light is energy. Color can stimulate and excite. It can affect our mood, emotions, behavior and way in which we interpret content that surround us. However, selecting the right color combination can sometimes be tricky. After all, you have probably noticed that some colors look great together and others…not so much. And since right color combination can improve the effectiveness of your message we will give you some simple color palettes that will help you enhance rather than take away from your design.

1. Pastel Color Palette

Pastel colors have low/medium saturation, a soft shade and lack strong chromatic content. Often called soft, neutral, soothing, washed out or desaturated they became popular with the rise of a “flat” design. They have calming and soothing effect so they result in neutral, friendly and elegant design that’s easy on the eye. They work really well in large doses and are perfect if you want to communicate sophistication, lightness and refined look. 

2. Monochromatic Color Palette

This is a traditional color scheme based on variations of one particular color. That combination is made of different tones (color plus gray), shades (color plus black), and tints (color plus white) of a specific color. This is perfect for companies that have just one color in their logo and want to create a combination that’s easy to manage and always looks balanced and visually appealing. Additionally, if you’re using this palette it will be easier for you to emphasize the most important elements by using a contrasting color on elements you want to be easily noticed. 

3. Complementary Color Palette

Another traditional color scheme is created when you combine colors opposite each other in the color wheel. Think yellow-purple, blue-orange or red-green combination. They all have a high level of contrast and are perfect if you are looking for a dramatic, strong and bold look that is eye-catching and vibrant. Sometimes, however, that contrast can be too intensive and bad for text so make sure you play with different tones and shades of contrasting colors to minimize any negative effects.

4. Bright and White Color Palette

If you want to stand out against other designs you need to create contrast. A lot of contrast! That’s why many choose bright and saturated colors that simply make elements “pop”. In order to equalize the power of such colors you should combine them with a lot of white or gray. This may look like a safe option and a simple scheme but if you give it a try, you’ll discover how it gives your design that extra zing!

5. Seasonal Palette

Perfect way to select color schemes is to just draw inspiration from what is natural e.g. the colors of the season (or tree, sea, sky, holidays etc.) because you can’t go wrong with nature. By applying colors that are usually associated with the season, the message is easier to comprehend, making your work more effective. We suggest you choose 2 main colors and then use Coolors or a color-theme generator to look for other complementing colors. Please remember not to use more than four colors in one design. If you want more options rather opt for shades and tints of existing colors.

Feeling inspired to start experiment with different palettes? Great! Just remember that colors can make or break design so make sure you choose yours carefully. Consult different color tools and take into consideration your branding, content or season for which you are designing.

Try out your favorite color palette, for your next Facebook Ad design. Good luck and let us know how it goes!