7 Smart Ways To Add Text To Images

When you are designing your social media visuals there’s a lot you can do to make them look great. You can choose a beautiful background image, decide on a perfect filter or find a complementary font but the real magic happens when you combine those elements in a fresh and inspiring way. This time we invite you to check out these 7 smart and easy design tips on how to mix up your text display and maximize potential of your social media images.

1.Think Big

Size matters, right? Well, we can say that it definitely does when it comes to the size of your text. The simplest way to stand out in design is to choose big font size (like 100 and up) and let it do all the talking. If you want to maximize that effect always choose a simple sans serif font that is easy to read, big or small. Also, go for an image that doesn’t have too many details (it’s not cluttered) because you don’t want those huge words to struggle with everything that is going on in the background.

2. Mix And Match

Another way to create eye-catching visuals is to mix up different font styles. But don’t go overboard. Unless you are working on ready-made templates make sure you stick to two or maximum three different font styles. This works best if you have a longer phrase that has between 5 to 15 words so that you can emphasize certain parts of message. In our example we decided to pair elegant and approachable script font with “bold” version of sans serif font for a combination that is full of character and will ad charm and friendliness to your visual content.

3. Be Bold With Keywords

Researches have shown that you have about 8 seconds to attract the attention of your fans before they continue browsing and looking for other content. That means that the content on your social media posts should be pared down to essentials and presented in a way that highlights most important information. You can do that by making the most significant word in your message significantly larger than other words in the text. Feel free to use italics or script fonts and make sure that the font color pops out in contrast to the image. This example also shows you how you can position highlighted word in the middle of the image so that it’s really hard to miss it.

4. Look At It From A Different Angle

Another way to achieve more effective display is to experiment with different angles at which you present your text. In our example we used playful, cursive font that emphasizes our keyword and tilted is slightly to the side. We paired it with other elements of the image, and shifted their angle as well, in order to create one balanced composition that works perfectly.

5. Put It In Shape

Making your text stand out can be difficult when your background image is too bright or too busy. One way to solve this issue is to make your font big (as we have shown you previously), but if the text is too long that’s not an option. In that case it’s better to add a semi-transparent shape as a text holder that will instantly create contrast and bring more attention to your message. Remember if your background is bright go for a dark, simple shape and light font color in order to maximize visual balance.

6. Create An Invisible Shape

Another way to handle a good number of words is to group them into an invisible shape or composition. This is an example of a vertical rectangle box in which text is composed in a way that contrasts the background and compliments the message. For more inspiration on how to become creative with words go to Content Creator and choose one of ready-made templates that will add something special to your social media posts.

7. Make An Impact

If you have no option but to use just one font, don’t worry. The end result will not be dull if you do something as simple as combine regular and bold version of the same font. This will not only create visual impact but also emphasize most important parts of the sentence. In this case it’s important you pay attention to the background selection. As regular font stands out differently from bold one you need to choose an image that will not interfere visually with your display text.

Hopefully, finding new ways to combine text and image just got lot easier! We’re sure that if you try any of these simple and effecting tricks you will certainly bring your social media visuals to another level. Experiment, enjoy and let us know how it goes!