Must-Know Tips On Choosing Awesome Backgrounds For Your Post

There’s no better way to make your social media post come to life than to choose a great background image that will not just draw the attention but also add interest to your digital media presence. When looking for a perfect background photo it’s important to think about ways to balance selected image with other elements of your design such as font, color or text. Here are few tips on best images and ways to use them as a visual foundation that determines composition of all other elements.

Tip 1: Look for Whitespace
The essential rule of any good composition is to avoid clutter and allow all elements of your design to breathe. This is exactly why images with a lot of empty space, also called a whitespace or a copy space, are great ready-to-use backgrounds. If you choose them you will be able to communicate your message clearly, as they are ideal for adding text. Just make sure you preserve the level of visual interest and not place text over some important part of an image but rather follow the natural flow and make the best out of available “empty” space.

Tip 2: Look for Textures
If your message is long and you are afraid that any picture may distract viewers you can always go for a simple textured background that gives depth and interest to your photo but still allows your text to rule. For more inspiration on available textured images visit Lost and Taken or Wildtextures and choose between vintage film filters, old stained notebook pages and other interesting background categories. Make sure to enhance your message by matching the texture of background with tone or content of your message.

Tip 3: Look for Blurred Areas
When looking for perfect background images don’t ignore the ones that look blurry or out of focus because they will allow your text to stand out and not be drowned in too many details of the background. When choosing text color go for the one that gives enough contrast. That means selecting light colored text when your background is dark or dark colored text when your photo is light. Always test the effect of the image on yourself. If you can read message easily and without straining your eyes you have done a great job.

Don’t forget to apply one of these tips next time you need to choose or improve background image for your social media post. Remember, your goal is not just to have pretty picture but to effectively underline your message and communicate it to your audience in a simple, no-fuss way! Good luck and let us know if you need any assistance in creating beautiful custom-designed images!

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