Power Up Your Design With 3 Black And White Ideas

If you’re ready to enrich your social media presence with some timeless, simple and elegant design it’s time to learn more about the power of minimal black and white combination. Black and white are more than just opposite colors; they stand for opposing metaphors, as well. Black is a symbol of authority, power and darkness, while white stands for purity, innocence and light. But the real power of these two shades comes out when you put them together in a contrasting design; you end up with a dynamic that’s simply impossible to ignore. Balanced, clean and complex this combination gives you more opportunities than any other color scheme. And more importantly it brings the focus back to your content.

In case you’re still developing your social media style, or just need some design inspiration, check out these 3 great ways to use black and white combinations in your social media design:

1. Go For Some Structure
The simplest way to achieve strong and clean composition is to choose black shape and contrast it with a white photo. Make sure to enhance this unity with serif-type text as that will put focus on your message and give a feeling of warmth and sophistication to this powerful duo.

2. Let There Be Light
For more elegance and breathability in your design rely on a white background to carry your message perfectly. In this case we recommend that you scale your fonts and create a typographic hierarchy. The most important information should be dominant in size, while other pieces of information can be visually separated through lines or other shapes that will help you center your design.

3. Be Bold with Neon
The best way to beautifully contrast and compliment any black and white combination is to pair it with trendy neon colors. We suggest you use a black and white photo as a background and place slightly transparent neon shape over in order to tie the whole thing together. As for the text choose stronger, sans-serif fonts that will help you maintain strong voice of the message against brightness of loud neon color.

What do you think? Feeling inspired to create your own elegant design? All you need is Content Creator and 5 minutes of your time! Good luck and let us know if we can help you out!