The Power of Three in Design

Designers just love the number three. Three images, three buttons, three colors, three fonts… Symmetrical and simply good looking, three is a magic number that gives solid structure to your design and allows viewers to quickly scan and digest your message. So, the next time you feel like you just can’t get the right look for your custom-designed posts let number three put some magic in your design.

1. Three Font Sizes
One of the simplest and most effective techniques is to use three different font sizes. Largest font should be used to emphasize the most important part of the message, as the eye is naturally drawn to the largest element, while other two should be smaller and used for subtitle and body text. In case you want to use more than one font try to limit yourself to two fonts of varying sizes, as that will keep your layout simple and readable.

2. Three Different Colors
Another way to incorporate number three is to choose three colors for your layout and find inspiration for those colors in the image you are using as the background. Start with the darkest color on the image and choose two additional complementary colors. If you want to achieve best results try to respect the 60-30-10 rule. That means that your primary color should cover about 60% of the space, secondary color that gives contrast should cover 30% while third and final color should accentuate certain elements of your message and cover about 10%.

3. Three Key Points
People tend to remember information grouped in three so if you want to get your message across and make people remember it choose three main points and design them as bullet points. It will help you communicate the most important information without making your design overly complicated or busy.

4. Three Design Elements
If you want to make your design stand out try combining three main elements such as background image, text and an icon or symbol that reinforces the message. Make sure to limit yourself to just those three elements, as it will ensure that your layout is clean and professional.

5. The Rule of Third
As one of most basic composition guidelines this rule is based on a natural tendency of the human eye to be more strongly drawn toward certain part of an image. The idea is to break the image down into thirds, so that you end up with 9 parts, and place the point of interest along the lines or in the intersections. According to the research people usually do not look at the center of the shot but rather at one of the intersection points. So, if you position important elements at the top, bottom, left or right part of the image you will add visual interest to your entire composition.

What do you think about the power of three? Do you use it in your design and how? We at Content Creator hope our ideas will inspire you to think about proportions differently and use the number three to make your custom-designed images stand out even more.