How to Make Social Media Images Work For Your Brand

If you want to sell a product, gain new followers, persuade people to do something or have them support your cause they need to know who you are in the first place. Your ability to initiate any of these actions largely depends on the brand authority that you continuously build with your actions and consistent brand voice. One important way to keep that consistency and familiarity in the social media world is to make your images familiar, instantly recognizable and associated with your brand. Here are few simple tactics that will help you do just that:

1. Keep Logo Size and Position Uniform
All your social media images should be branded as they provide consistency and reinforce your brand. Decide on the minimum size of your logo and place it in the corner of the photo (right, centered or left). In that way it will make quiet but consistent statement without being too distracting. Make sure that the size of the logo is not too big as it could overpower the image and your message.

2. Use Consistent Fonts
For best recognition choose a font that is most frequently used in your offline and online communication and therefore most commonly associated with your brand. If you want to place some additional text over your image remember to limit yourself to just two or three different fonts and use them consistently on all your social media images. For example if you use the same font for header and subtitle text add some variations by making subtitle text smaller in size and different in style (bold or italic). If you have any additional text, also called body text, feel free to use a different font altogether but make sure it is still easily readable.

3. Rely on Your Brand Colors
Consistent and repetitive brand colors found in images, text message or even logos, are another way for your viewers to recognize your company and associate certain ideas and feelings with the brand. The best is if you keep your color selection to two to four colors. Of course, not all your social media images need to have selected colors all the time, but if you use them frequently enough and long enough the audience will start associating them with your brand.

4. Find Your Filters
Photo filters are here to give your images an authentic look and feel. They can help you to brighten your photo, enhance certain colors or even give your image a retro vibe. Before settling on a certain filter think about how you want your images to look (romantic, festive, nostalgic, modern, etc.) and let that be your deciding factor. Once you have made your choice use it consistently on all your social media images.

5. Decide on Layout
In order to make their brand instantly recognizable certain companies decide on having templates with consistent text placement. In time people start associating your template with your company and you don’t have to spend too much time developing new custom designed images.

Let us know, is your social media presence instantly recognizable to your audience? Can you apply some of these tips in order to increase your brand recognition? Do you use some other tactics to make your brand voice speak out? Share your comments and ideas with us!