How to Drive Massive Engagement With 5 Facebook Post Formulas

Getting in front of Facebook fans, without using paid ads, is getting more difficult. But, all is not lost. When determining which fans will see your content Facebook takes into consideration one important element – affinity. It is a measure of engagement (likes, shares, comments) that fans have with your brand. So before you spend more money on advertising use one of these post formulas that will bring more engagement and prove to Facebook just how relevant and great your Page really is.

1._________ little known ways to_________
If you want to position yourself as a knowledgeable source of information and build more trust in your brand try with content that gives some solution to people’s problem. It is better if the solution is lesser-know, but even if it’s not people will still be able to interact with comments such as: I have tried this and it really works or My friend has done the same thing last year. Of course, if possible make sure to position your product or service as one of the solutions to the problem.

2. My_________must-have is_________
Encourage people to think about upcoming seasons, times or events by including these posts and relating them to your products and services. You can talk about vacations (My summer fun must haves are ___________), beginning of the week (My Monday morning must have is __________) or any other topic that is relevant to your industry and that can make people talk about your existing products or the ones you should include in your portfolio in the future.

3. Like for _________or Share for _________
Not sure which product to bring back in your portfolio or which one to give up for discount? Why don’t you ask your fans? Create an image with a side-by-side comparison of two products and invite people to give their opinion. Fans can “like” the post to vote for option A or “share” it to vote for option B. These posts will not only get people thinking about your company but give them an idea about products they would be interested in trying.

4. If _________, I would _________
Spark your fans imagination by encouraging them to think how would they act or react in certain situations. Come up with several life-changing, funny or even problematic situation scenarios that your audience is likely to run into and watch as they describe their reactions. For example, if you are in a travel industry you can incite people’s imagination by inviting them to think about a country they would like to live in.

5. What are you _________?
Reading, watching, listening, cooking, are just some activities that can fit perfectly in this type of post. People that are active on social media also consume other media so asking them to reflect on content they watch/listen/read can be very insightful for you. Just like in our previous examples all it takes is a little bit of creativity to connect this type of question to your industry. So, if you are in the furniture business try asking “What home decoration show do you like watching on TV?” or if you are in sports-gear business ask fans “What is your favorite adventure book or magazine?”

Remember, Facebook is all about sharing thoughts, ideas and stories, so giving viewers a chance to do just that will make your Page an active, fun place that your fans will want to visit over and over again.