The Color Wheel And How To Use It In Design

The way you use color in design of your custom-designed images will impact how that design is perceived, understood and interpreted. That is why, before you start working with color in your designs, you should understand more about what color is and how it can make a better experience for your viewers. A great tool that you use to apply different colors to your design is called the color wheel. Designed by Sir Isaac Newton in 1666 it contains over 16 million different colors and allows an infinite number of color combinations.

Color Wheel Basics

1. Warm & Cool
If you split the color wheel in half you see two main color families – warm and cool. Colors that belong to the warm family, like passionate and fiery red or summery and cheerful orange and yellow, bring energy and emotion to your design. On the other hand blues, greens and purples, colors of water and nature, create a soothing impression and appear as more calmer and reliable ones.

2. Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Colors
Colors in their own right, or the ones that cannot be created through the mixing of other colors, are called Primary ones. Those are Red, Yellow and Blue. Combination of any two primary colors gives Secondary Colors. Yellow and Blue give Green, Blue and Red give Violet while Red and Yellow give Orange. However, if you mix a primary color with its nearest secondary color you create six new combinations that are called Tertiary Colors.

3. Tints, Tones & Shades
These terms describe simple color concepts. If we add some white to make our color a little bit lighter, the result is called a Tint. If we add gray, we end up with a different Tone. And if we add some black, that darker version of our original color is called a Shade.

If you need bright and vibrant colors look for them on the outside of the color wheel. As they are saturated and intense, make sure to pair them with white color for an additional pop. Toward the middle of the color wheel you can find pastel colors, which are soft and neutral and as such perfect for recipes, kids birthday invitations or spring-inspired celebrations.

Now that you have learned color wheel basics you are ready to start experimenting with different color combinations in Content Creator and creating beautiful custom-designed posts in just 5 minutes! Good luck and let us know if we can help you!