How Less Can Be More: 3 Ideas For A Simple Layout Design

With access to tools and applications such as Content Creator more and more people are able to create their own custom-designed images and posts. But one complexity faces all of them: how to design layouts that are readable and beautiful at the same time? If the layout has too many elements, the viewer will not know where to look first and will misinterpret the priority of each element. In case you are facing the same dilemma here are few tips that will help you to minimize any distractions and place focus solely on your content.

1. Use Colors Carefully
The color can be a very powerful element of your design, but make sure it doesn’t overpower your design. We recommend you limit your color palette on two to four colors (plus shades of these colors and black/grey and white) so that the design feels effective but also balanced and harmonious.

2. Limit Number of Fonts
Another way to achieve a great layout is to choose fonts that go well together. Remember to stick to two fonts and only go for three if you must. Combine serif with sans-serif or script fonts and emphasize certain parts of your message by giving different sizes to different lines of content.

3. Stand Out
Simple and effective way to make your design pop is to use strong, bright or even neon colors as your text holder. Such colors always demand clear background so go for a black & white photo or clean, empty space as they will effectively frame and emphasize your message. We recommend that, in this case, you use stronger sans serif fonts for your message as they will be able to handle bright or neon colors.

We hope these examples will help you to embrace the “less is more” principle and apply it the next time you are designing with Content Creator. Let us know how it goes or share with us your tips on how to create simple but effective social media post.