5 Inspiring Ways to Use White Space in Social Media Design

Before we go into details about how to design with white space it is important to understand what that space really is. To put it briefly white space, also called the negative space, is space that is free from text, images, or any other design elements. It supports and emphasizes the positive space or space that is filled with some design elements. The best demonstration of this principle is the optical illusion below. Look at it and think about the first thing you see. Two faces? That means that in this image the white space, for you, is acting like the negative space, while the black is the positive one. Similarly, if you inverse the roles you will end up seeing a vase.

This example not only shows the importance of negative space in defining the context of the positive space but also clarifies one important thing: white space doesn’t have to be white. It can be blue, brown, black or any other color and if you use it properly it will improve readability, unity and balance of your post. With that being said here are a few tips that will help you achieve just that:

1. Create Focus with White Space
The best way to create focus in your custom-designed post and make it stand out is to leave enough white space around the message you are trying to communicate. It will give your design enough space to breathe and significantly improve readability of your message.

2. Play with Background
Remember how we said that the white space doesn’t really have to be white? Feel free to play with different background colors to achieve more space and create beautiful contrast to your text. Don’t be shy to go for bright and even neon colors as they will pop out and draw eyes to the content.

3. Align Your Text
For more visual space try another optical illusion and intentionally align your text. It will make your message look balanced and stand out as one harmonized element of design.

4. Use the Copy Space
If there is already some empty space in your image use it to place your text and create a feeling of depth in the post. Remember, you can always expand and crop your photo to increase the size of available white space.

5. Expand Your Frames
Frames are not only a great way to focus the attention on your content but can also give more breathing space to your overall design. Just make sure to keep your text centered and your frames little bit further from the text.

Hope these inspiring tips and Content Creator will find their place in your next custom-designed post! Please don’t forget to share your comments, ideas and designs as we would like to hear from you.