How Scheduling Social Media Posts Makes All The Difference

Maintaining an active social media presence is not an easy task especially if you own your business. With so many things you are already doing, how do you find time required for frequent posting? For many entrepreneurs the smartest and most affordable solution to that problem is a scheduling tool that allows you to prepare your social media material in advance and be more strategic in reaching your audience and managing your time. If you’ve never tried scheduling options before here is what you can achieve with it:

More efficiency
To every Facebook Page administrator this is the first and the most obvious benefit. Instead of posting on the fly and interrupting your work several times a day you will have freedom to do everything at once. No more last-minute searches for interesting things to say or writer’s block when you need to have something right away. By setting a block of time to compose and schedule your social media updates you will have more breathing space and time to devote to other aspects of your business.

More consistency
Having a consistent publishing frequency will help you to maximize the engagement because your audience will learn when to expect content from you. However, don’t post exactly the same type of content, at exactly the same time and on same days every single week. Instead, mix it up a little bit and aim for a slightly broader content consistency. Consistency will also benefit your branding, as having one or two uninterrupted hours every Monday morning to write and prepare weekly posts will enable you to publish content that is creative, useful to your audience and in line with your personality and brand values.

More engagement
Just because normal business hours are convenient time for you to post doesn’t mean it’s convenient for your audience to see and respond to your content at that time. What if your fans are more active on weekends or at night? What if they live in a different time zone? With social media scheduling tool you can hang out with your family on a Sunday afternoon and still keep your audience engaged by scheduling post to be published at that time. What’s more, your fans will have an impression that you are willing to connect and be at disposal 24/7.

More flexibility
Social media never goes on vacation but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. With posts scheduled in advance you can take time off and have your content go live at the predetermined time even if you are not there to do it yourself. Use all that extra time to delegate some tasks to colleagues and ask them to go through social media posts to prevent any spelling mistakes, legal issues or other errors you cannot afford to have.

Always remember that scheduling your posts doesn’t exempt you from responsibility to respond to comments and questions. If you are afraid that scheduling will make your Page too automated because you will not be there to respond to all inquiries try scheduling posts that can generate comments for a time when you’ll be able to moderate discussion and those that generate likes and share for when you are not available.

To put our advice to the test just go to Content Creator, schedule your first photo post and let us know how it goes. We are looking forward to your comments.