5 Types Of Visual Content That Will Drive More Traffic

Visual content, often underused and overlooked on social media, is a great way to communicate the message that can be understood in a matter of seconds and shared, equally fast, across many social media networks. If you believe in the power of visuals and look for ways to engage with your audience we propose several different types of visual content that will cut through the noise and make your brand standout on social media.

Branded Photos
Photos, as a cornerstone of visual social media, can be used in multiple different ways and on all social networks. You can show your product, behind-the-scene images of your company or share statements that reflect values of your company. However, do not “over-brand” your image unless it is for a promotion or a prize game because obvious attempts to oversell your product do not work well on social media. Ensure that your colors and fonts align with graphic standards of your company so that you can be easily recognizable on all social networks.

The best way to engage customers in a conversation about your product is to show interesting ways they can use it for. You can achieve that by designing photo posts that give advice, tips and tricks or simple how-to recipes. Not only will such a simple format make any task look achievable and manageable but you will inspire fans and encourage them to share information to friends.

There is nothing more contagious then a good conversation, so break down the wall between you and your audience by encouraging them to share their opinion. Simply, ask a question or leave a blank space in your image for your fans to fill it with their thoughts, stories and ideas.

Interesting information can usually be summed up in one sentence so have that in mind when you want to present business info or data to your audience. Keep your message clear and concise and never present more than one information at a time. In that way you will turn a potentially unentertaining topic into an engaging experience that can be easily digested and shared.

People like videos as it enables them to witness and see in action whatever they are searching for in real life. Videos are usually used for tutorials or product demos but can be really impactful if you allow your fans to tell their own stories and advocate for your brand. So, don’t worry about having your videos done professionally cause the ones made with smartphones can be even more emotional and memorable.

What you will choose in the end depends on your business objectives and ways in which that content fits your overall marketing strategy. You should also think about your audience: are they on your Page to learn something or to have fun? What type of content provokes their reaction? Find your answers and you are ready to start creating beautiful looking images with Content Creator.