How To Mix Text And Image Like A Pro

One of the best and most effective ways to highlight your social media photos is to combine them with text. That will not just emphasize the atmosphere of selected image but also communicate an important message to viewers. However, one cannot simply place text over any image and expect it to look right. In this article we will show you how to mix text and image for a post that will not only look beautiful, but will also be easy to read.

1. Play With Contrast
Using a darker image with lighter text may seem as an obvious thing to do, but many social media posts still use combinations that do not ensure sufficient contrast and make text very hard to read. In order to avoid this mistake make sure to double check if you can read your post text immediately and without any effort. If you can’t your contrast is off and you need to correct it. You don’t have to limit yourself to dark & light contrasts but should also consider using complimentary colors that can naturally enhance the contrast.

2. Create Feeling of Depth
The best way to emphasize the main feature of your image is to avoid having text go directly over it. Instead, place your text in an empty space that represents an out-of-focus part of the image. As long as the color of the text contrasts the color of the background your message will be easy to read and the object in your image will remain the star of the show.

3. Use Transparency
One of the subtle ways to preserve detailed image but significantly improve readability of your text is to use transparent backgrounds or shapes as a text holder. In case you decide to use transparency on entire photo make sure that the color of your text is darker (it can be black or even the darkest color of your background image). Optionally, you can also go with darker transparency and lighter text color for more contrast.

As you can see finding a nice balance between image and text can make your brand stand out and clearly communicate your message to the audience. Hope you feel inspired to try these ideas with Content Creator and have fun while designing your own posts or Cover Photos.