Inspiring Twitter Header Ideas For Your Business

Despite the prominent placement and size of Twitter header (or Cover) Photo many businesses still do not use its full potential. Instead, they opt for plain, blue rectangle shapes or post images that don’t represent the brand or keep the attention of visitors. To give you a better idea of what a Twitter header can do for your company, we give you few great suggestions that will allow you to use the given opportunity and outshine your competition.

Be Relevant
One of the easiest ways to stay relevant is to mark each season or holiday by showcasing products that meet the needs of your customers in that particular time. For example, if you are running a store with the outdoor equipment use summer or autumn seasons to remind people of the beauty behind a camping experience or outdoor activities in general.

For a real-life inspiration of this principle check the Airbnb Twitter Page with the header that gives you that relaxed and summery feeling that is just perfect for the season.

Promote Yourself
If you don’t have time for subtlety and need to focus the attention on your sale results use the free space provided by Twitter in a way that will advertise your product, promotion, upcoming collection, brand new show or anything else you would like your followers to know more about.

The entertainment industry is a great example of this principle with media companies such as Netflix that capitalize on prominently placed visual space and frequently change their Cover Photos to promote latest shows and programs.

Show Who You Are
Between presentations of your products and promotions try refreshing your Twitter header with a photo that represents the personality of your brand and its distinct brand voice. The simplest way to do that is to have a photo of the brand persona (person that embodies the profile and lifestyle of your customer) or to show behind-the-scene photos of people working for the company. It will not only be inspirational but it will show human face behind the company.

This principle is often used in fashion industry with many clothing or shoe brands such as Toms showing atmosphere and lifestyle that represents the brand instead of the actual product.

Celebrate Your Customers
Making your customers a part of your social media experience is one of the best ways to acknowledge their importance and value to your company. You can do that by sharing their comments and photos in a Twitter (or cover) header photo. Best inspiration of this principle can be found at TripAdvisor Page that combines beautiful travel destination and customer’s review.

In the end make sure that your Twitter visuals are aligned, in terms of colors, filters and fonts, with visuals on other social media. That doesn’t mean you need to have the same Cover photo everywhere but be consistent in terms of your branding so that followers can easily recognize you. We hope these ideas and our Content Creator application will inspired you to create some new header images for your Twitter. Let us know if we can help you in any way and don’t forget to share your work of art with us!