5 Ways to Make Your Social Media Presence Engaging

When businesses started going social the first questions they would ask was: How do I get more likes on my Facebook Business Page? And although likes are still considered to be great in terms of the reach it became evident that they are not as powerful as fans posting comments or sharing your content with their friends. So, the question being asked today is: How do I get more engagement on my Facebook Business Page and keep visitors coming back? If you are wondering the same thing here are five things you can do about it:

1. Respect the social media rule of thirds
Keep your social media conversation in check by following the rule of thirds according to which: 1/3 of time should be dedicated to your business through self-promotional content, blog articles, press releases, event announcements, prize competitions; 1/3 should relate to your business but materials should come from other sources such as news from relevant sources or research data visualization; final 1/3 is there for you to show your personality and remind the audience that there are real people behind the logo by posting behind-the-scene photos of the business process, inspiring thoughts that go well with the brand or friendly holiday wishes.

2. Update regularly
People need a reason to come back and find something worth sharing with their friends. You can use blogs, news or announcements that we mentioned before or you can simply ask your fans to engage by using a question in your post. Knowing the answer or having an opinion will motivate them to share the post with friends. Another great engagement motive is a chance to make a good deal so organize prize game competitions and promote them heavily on your Facebook Page through custom-designed photo posts.

3. Brand your Page
Branding is about being identified and remembered. In a world where there are hundreds of thousands web pages and social media profiles having an online presence that is consistent and easily recognizable helps you find new customers and keeps your current ones coming back. Your Cover Photo should identify your company, product and clearly communicate the message you are trying to get across. The Cover should hold information that will keep fans coming back and if you change it often enough it will keep them engaged and updated about new developments in your company.

4. Use the power of Photos
Facebook’s algorithm called EdgeRank determines what social media content ends up in News Feed of your fans. Three criteria that influence the EdgeRank are affinity, weight and recency. The weight depends on the type of post that is selected by users as more important than others and will ultimately have higher chance of showing up in the News Feed. Types of content that have highest weight are: Photos, followed by Videos, Web Links and Text posts. As the most engaging type of content Photos will not just increase your chances of being noticed but motivate people to respond and comment on your post.

5. Don’t forget to communicate
People choose to interact with businesses with whom they develop a personal relationship so do not ignore them if they reply on your post, ask question or complain about your service. They are probably fed up with regular customer service and are hoping for some response. If you choose to ignore them you are just confirming that your company doesn’t care about their business. Always respond by asking if you can help or fix the problem because even just reaching out can turn negative experience into a positive one.

If you want your social media profiles to reflect positively on your business never forget to follow the rules outlined above and use Content Creator application to create beautiful and custom-designed images in just 5 minutes! They will help you to build long-lasting relationships, extend your visibility and learn more about your fans! Good luck!