5 Ways to Use Photo As a Background in Your Design

So, you finally have access to high quality photos and you want to use them as a background for your posts, but don't know where to start or how to balance image with text? No problem, we are showing you 5 ways to make the best custom-designed posts with Content Creator:

1. Use the Copy Space
The copy space refers to an empty space in photos and it’s a great place to position your text and ensure its maximum readability. In case your photo doesn’t provide enough of copy space increase it by proportionally stretching the image. Make sure to maintain continuity of the entire image by choosing the text color that compliments the color of the object on your photo.

2. Be Transparent
In case your image is bright or has a lot of elements it can be very tricky to combine it well with text and still ensure clarity and readability. In that case you can choose to place a transparent shape over your background image, create an illusion of space and increase the contrast. You will maintain the power of the image while not compromising on your text.

3. Use Colorful Shapes
If transparency is not an option you can improve readability of your copy by adding a shape behind the text. For purpose of visual consistency the color of that shape should be taken from one of dominant colors in the background image.

4. Apply Blur
Another way to use detailed, colorful image but also keep sharpness and clarity of your message is to blur the image. In that way text will not get lost in the background and you will be able to emphasize smooth and visible texture of objects in the image.

5. Create focus
If your image is very detailed and you feel that the text might get lost, place a border around it to focus the attention of viewers to a particular place in the image. Color of your font should contrast the background so that the visibility of your message is not compromised.

Do you feel inspired and ready to start using images as your backgrounds? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to share your designs with us!