3 Beautiful Color Inspirations For Your Next Post

Colors affect our moods, add meaning to our content and enhance effectiveness of the message we want to communicate to our audience. But, there is a fine line between a color combination that would give someone sore eyes and the one that is a sight for sore eyes. To an untrained eye that line may often seem subjective, uncertain or lacking in structure so we decided to give you few tips that will help you pick the best colors and color schemes for your social media posts. Before we go into detail please remember that little goes a long way so it's best if you stick to 2 main colors and definitely do not go over 4 colors. Your 2 main colors should be clear and bold while others should be complementary (subtle and warm). With that being said let us take you to 3 places where you can always look for a color inspiration for your next social media post:

1. In Branding
For many companies following brand guidelines is not even a matter of choice. You have colors you simply must have in your post. However, if you’re looking for some variety try using your predefined colors as main ones and then adding some complementary colors that would match. To find your complementary colors play with color generators such as Adobe Color CC or Coolors that are free, quick and easy to use. If you want complementary colors to further enhance your branding and tie the whole story together do not forget to brand your photo post with a company logo.

Examples of complementary color combinations

2. In Content
This one is quite simple cause all you need to do is let the topic of your post decide on your colors. That means that if you are talking about relaxation and meditation you should use soothing greens. If your post refers to a particular season choose colors that are relevant to it, just as you should use cooling, pastel combinations if you were promoting a refreshing drink. The logic is simple: colors that we usually associate with the topic, combined with its complimentary colors will make information easy to consume. Here are few season-inspired combinations for you to choose from:

3. In Contrast
Contrast is very important in graphic design as it draws eyes to the message that needs to be communicated and enhances its meaning. Using contrasting color is a great way to achieve that so make sure that if you use bright, popping and almost neon colors you pair them with white or black background images that will give your design that extra pizzazz and allow readers’ eye to rest for a second and read text clearly.

Think you will give our advice a chance next time you create your custom-design images? Maybe you have some other color palette inspiration you would like to share with us? Please do, as we wait for your comments and examples of beautiful posts and Cover Photos designed with Content Creator app.