The Most Annoying Social Media Posts (And How to Avoid Having Them)

Social media is a great way to stay connected with your customers, but using it the wrong way through annoying or frequent posting will make your fans turn you off as they would some overbearing high school friend. In order to help you preserve your online reputation and stop driving your fans crazy we decided to do our own research and find out what type of posts fans find most annoying on Facebook and Twitter:

1. Spam posts
The easiest way to annoy your fans and bring them to the point where they will unlike your page is to clog up their News Feed with your stream of consciousness or to post the same content over and over again. There is no one-size-fits-all posting formula, but remember that people use Facebook and Twitter feeds differently. While you can post up to 5 times a day on Twitter doing the same on Facebook will produce very different results so keep Facebook posts to max two unique posts per day. That doesn’t mean that once created content shouldn’t be repeated ever again, but on Facebook wait a month or two before you reintroduce your old content again. Even then make sure to rewrite the title, add new paragraph that summarizes new findings and always change text of the original Facebook post used to introduce your content in the first place.

2. Selling posts
I know that studies have shown that people like Pages for discounts and offers, but people don't like to be sold all the time and overdoing it will result in fans unliking you or simply stop engaging with you. We are not saying that you shouldn’t promote your products on a regular basis but make sure to break that monotony with fun, meaningful posts that are not promoting your products but instead share business’ latest news, helpful articles, behind-the-scene photos and conversation starters. 

3. No-value posts
This brings us to the infamous “Happy Friday” or “OMG, it's Monday” type of posts. If you like these types of gimmicks and want to have them in your content plan just make sure that you follow that type of statement with something relevant to your brand. So, Friday will indeed be Happy if you offer some cool discount, announce your new promotion or invite fans to your event. Likewise, Monday will not be so gloomy if you announce prize game winners or share tips on how to instantly lift up your mood. Whatever you do, connect it somehow to your industry or brand because the golden rule even on social media is that if you don't have something productive to say, don't say it at all.

4. Poor quality posts
Smartphones and image-based social networks emphasized the fact that we are visual creatures that see and consume photos more than any text. Therefore, having a good quality image and professional looking post is a necessity as it makes your business look polished and successful. If you don't have money for a professional photographer or expensive photo stocks check out our article about the top 7 high-quality, free image resources and combine them with Content Creator app for maximum impact and beautifully designed visual content.

5. One-way street posts
Every post is as successful as the number of likes, comments or questions it provokes. Unlike an email campaign, where you produce content and simply move on, social media is… well social. Don't minimize the quality of your posts by ignoring questions from your fans or even worse delete a complaint or a comment on your post. What happens online is there for the entire world to see so be thoughtful and always respond courteously. That's the best way to avoid any public relations nightmare and show your existing and new clients that you value and respect their opinions.

That sums up Top 5 annoying posts according to our research! Did you recognize your business in some of them or are you successfully avoiding the pitfalls of poor social media communication? Leave us a comment and let us know how you manage not to bug your audience on social media.