7 Photo Post Ideas That Your Business Can Use Today

There are some days when, despite all your efforts, you simply cannot think of one thing to say to your social media audience. You are stuck and no amount of coffee or walking around the office can help you to come with just one solid idea. Trust me, we have all been there. So, next time you end up having one of those days try creating posts to:

1. Say thank you
If you are reaching an important milestone, such as certain number of fans, birthday or end of a successful business year share the joy with your fans and show them how much they have contributed to your success.

2. Make an announcement
Maybe you are preparing a sale event, getting close to the launch of a new product or simply looking for new people to join your company. Share the news with your audience and let them create the buzz and spread the news to their friends.

3. Talk about your promotion
If you have decided to invest your time and money in the organization of a prize game you need to make the most out of it and that includes serious promotion of that game on your social media pages. Create posts that explain details of prize game rules, talk in more details about available prizes, share prize game uploads or stats and encourage further participation of your fans.

4. Notify winners
At the end of your prize game don't just announce winners with simple written post. Invest some time to create beautiful photo post and in that way thank all your fans for their contribution and participation. You can also promote your winners and share their reaction to great news or announce your upcoming game if you, at that time, have more details about it.

5. Celebrate things
Throughout the year there are hundreds of different holidays, celebrations and special days that run from overexposed Valentines Day to silly Doughnut Day. So go beyond traditional holidays and choose few of those that are interesting, fun and resonate with your brand. You will be surprised by the response and definitely learn a thing or two about your fans.

6. Have something to quote about
They simply always work, whether you choose famous quotes from poets, movies, songs, or simply decide to go with a testimonial of your customers or business partners. It is the subtlest way to communicate values of your brand and have people recognize themselves in them so makes sure to incorporate quotes in your content plan.

7. Share your knowledge
Use photo posts to draw more attention to your blog posts, share quick and easy tips and tricks, ideas, recipes or simply answers to most frequent questions about your product or service. Be knowledgeable, useful and positive and people will appreciate.

How do you feel about these ideas? You think you could incorporate some of them in your content plan? Let us know, which one will you design next time with Content Creator? We are looking forward to your comments!