What’s Your Excuse For Not Changing Your Cover Photo?

The Internet is full of information about the importance of visual content and although we do see an increase in number of custom-designed posts many still ignore one of the most prominent visual on their Facebook Pages – their Cover Photo. Ruled by mentality that ''if it ain't broke, don't fix it'' many small or medium business owners still make excuses when it comes to frequent changes of this visual element on their Facebook Pages. Here are three excuses we have heard most often and how we feel about them:

''It's simple. I don't have time or money to create new Cover Photos all the time''
Fair enough. Let us introduce you to the Content Creator app that gives you unlimited access to templates thanks to which you can design your Cover Photos whenever and however you want. It will take just 5 minutes of your time and couple of dollars for annual subscription. Simple, easy and affordable this application will free you from ever having to contact or pay graphic designer to make beautifully looking images for social media.

''I will loose consistency and people will not recognize my Page''
We agree that consistency is important and that every change you make on any part of your Facebook Page has to take into account important elements of your brand such as signature colors, font or type of photos. It is they, and not one image being used over and over again, that will ensure consistency. Take small steps and refresh your Cover Photo with new background color or maybe different photo on the same layout. It will still look like you, just more updated and fresh. And if you still worry about fans not recognizing you remember that your profile photo is always the same. It will let your fans know that they are in the right place.

''It's a waste of time and money since people don't visit Pages as much''
You make a valid point. People do interact today mostly through their News Feeds. So, you need to find a way to get to their News Feeds, right? Look at any digital research and you will find proofs that photo posts get more comments (even as high as 104% more) than an average text posts. So why not use the power of those numbers and increase the engagement by changing your Cover Photo and starting a conversation that will get you to News Feeds of your fans? Make sure your Cover Photo is worth talking about either because of its design or a special offer you are promoting with it.

What do you think about these excuses? Do you have problems with changing your Cover Photos frequently? Let us know or try Content Creator and see how simple and affordable it can be to refresh your social media presence over and over again.