5 Tips to Provide Your Readers With Better Content

It can be challenging to consistently keep coming up with amazing ideas for your blog that readers will engage with and it can be very tempting not to write about your company, products and services each time.

One thing content marketers all agree on is the difficulty of finding new, relevant and great things to write about. Are you feeling the pressure as well and don't know what to write about in your next company blog? Luckily, we've prepared a list of content marketing ideas to tackle that writer's block.

1. Keep a Scratch Pad near
Ideas come and go, and they can come to you in the most improbable places ever, so it is crucial to be prepared. Keep a notepad by your side at all times, or make use of a note making app such as Evernote to write down even a hint of an idea. Email yourself and no matter how many of those ideas turn to be futile, you will still make use of that one thought that came to your mind while eating your cereals in the morning. It's what writers have been doing for decades.

2. Ask your customers!
Don't know what your next blog post should tackle, how about solving your customer's problems? Ask your customers which problems they encounter daily and provide a solution. It can be anything from recruiting new personnel, boosting their sales or integrating social media into their business. Your client relations team received a query or a request? Expand the problem and offer a solution based on your products or services and write a blog post about it! You might help a couple of other clients as well, as this can serve as a FAQ section.

3. Interview an industry expert
This is an excellent technique to revive your blog, as industry experts can provide useful insight into the new trends and how they tackle problems they encounter. If you're feeling uninspired, take a look at the speaker and guest list of a top conference in your niche to find potential experts. If you are in the marketing field, why not interview a regional SEO or Digital PR expert? By incorporating interviews in your blog, you will surely gain additional traffic and increase your trustworthiness among readers.

4. Feature a guest blogger
Feeling that writer's block more than ever? Try featuring a guest blogger on your company's blog. A new, fresh way of thinking and a slightly different approach as well as style of writing might be just the spice up your blog is craving for. Again, you can invite an expert, your employees and even a satisfied customer. Just be careful it doesn't sound to salesy.

5. Have an editorial calendar ready
Every blogger knows that sound organization means success. Editorial calendars are helpful to keep track of your progress, better organize your topics and they give you relevant digital optimization and conversion data in one place. If you don't have one, you can easily download a free editorial calendar template online and start organizing!

Also, be sure to keep a list of any topic ideas that come to you, don't be afraid of recreating your old content, i.e. posts that went well and have fun!

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