How Often Should You Be Posting On Social Media

One of the most frequent questions in social media refers to social media frequency or optimal number of times you should share your content before it reaches maximum number of viewers. We decided to check out some of the latest researches and find out what are the best practices you can use as a starting point and see if they work for you. But before we go into specific details please remember that regardless of different posting rules if whatever you are sharing will not bring value to your audience then it's not worth sharing even once. With that being said lets explore recommended frequencies for several social media networks:

Studies done before Facebook algorithm changes, such as the one by Social Bakers, showed that major brands posted an average once per day and that posting more than twice per day was considered to be annoying. Similar conclusions were found in research done by Track Social in 2012 with following conclusions: “When a brand posts twice a day, those posts only receive 57% of the likes and 78% of the comments per post. The drop of continues as more posts are made in the day”.

However, after algorithm changes it became obvious that the News Feed values fresh content and that media companies who post more than 10 times per day still see significant engagement. Maybe, as Edgerank Checker study has shown, the only way to avoid the algorithm barrier is to publish frequently but in that case you need to focus on the quality of content and have something fresh and interesting to say with every single post. And that may be difficult for small and medium businesses. That’s why we suggest you stick with five-posts-per-week rule and start experimenting with different types of posts. Users prefer seeing videos or photos so use Content Creator app to create custom-made images and in that way increase chances of showing up in the News Feed.

Another research by Social Bakers, this time on a random sample of 11.000 tweets from top brands, found that optimal frequency is three tweets per day after which engagement drops. Track Social believes that the magical number, the one that will help you get most out of every tweet, is closer to five tweets per day. However, given the nature of this network, the reality is that the more you tweet the greater are your chances to improve your total response and contact with followers. Reason for that is an incredibly short life cycle of a tweet discovered in the research done by Moz. They found out that it takes 18 minutes for half of tweet's retweet to occur after which it reaches the engagement peak and steadily drops down. But, if you are a small business that doesn’t have time for 20 tweets per day we recommend you try with 5 tweets per day to get max out of invested time and energy.

As for LinkedIn sharing maybe the best research can be found of the actual site where they claim that publishing 20 posts per month, or one post per each workday, gives you a chance to reach 60% of your audience. Weekends are not a great time to post on this social network as most users take a break from LinkedIn as they do from their regular workweek. Don’t make your posts overly promotional but instead share industry news or insights that show your company or product in a positive light.

Customers love to see what goes on in your business on a daily basis so make sure to post behind the scene pictures of your company, production process or employees as it will make your business look more human and approachable. Major brands share once or twice per day on Instagram and that seems to be the network norm. There is no significant drop-off in engagement if you post even frequently, but make sure that the quality of posts is in line with the overall feel and atmosphere of your Instagram profile.

Considered to be a high-volume network Pinterest demands high posting frequency that can go from 5 to 10 posts per day. Make sure to stick with vertical photos as they increase your engagement and do not forget to use keywords in your description so that your pins do not end up lost in the crowd.

If you feel overwhelmed with these frequencies and have a hard time keeping up with posting consistency we highly recommend you use Content Creator application to schedule and post your custom-designed images for Facebook and Twitter. It will not just improve your efficiency and help you coordinate multiple networks but also give you an ability to develop a good social media strategy by planning a series of messages in advance.

Hope these guidelines will help you discover the ideal posting frequency for your business and inspire you to continue testing, experimenting and improving. If you have found a magical posting formula for your preferred social networks please share your experiences with us. We would like to hear what you think.