6 Types Of Quote Images To Use In Social Media

Quotes are one of those things that will almost always work on social media no matter how many times you use them. They became the easiest way to sent a subtle message to the world and have your fans, regardless of time, space or situation they live in, look at it and say: “Hey, I can relate to this”. Because of that quotes are highly shareable type of post, which for your company means more backlinks that will increase traffic to your blog or social media profiles.

If you are wondering how to incorporate them in your content plan here are a few ideas for cool and creative quote images that you can create with the Content Creator application:

1. Inspiration quotes
People love to feel inspired so try to associate motivating and relevant quotes with your company or product. For example use quotes from great writers and educators if you are running a Page for an education institute or promote advices of successful entrepreneurs if your work is related to business startups. For background images go with simple, one-color backgrounds that will emphasize the message or use photos with objects and situations that symbolize optimism, determination or success. If you want to apply filters choose the ones that will enhance colors and make them bright and capturing. When it comes to font selection the best is if you go for strong sans serif typefaces that call to action.

2. Testimonials
If you are in a line of work that requires people to make a purchase you should try creating quotes from testimonials of your existing clients. It will give you credibility and show actual benefits of your product or service to others. The simplest design for this type of quote includes a part of the statement and a persons photo. Make sure that the background is clear using either simple, white background or close-up photo of the person that gave the statement. Best types of font for these quotes are the ones from script family, as they add a touch of personality and friendliness to the message.

3. Statistics
Another way to encourage people to do something, follow your advice or share your content is to use statistics. They are very compelling and contribute to the feeling that in doing something you are not alone but rather a part of a much larger group that shares the same experience. Statistics will help you to communicate otherwise unattractive or lengthy information especially if you want to share your business results or latest findings. For background you can always go with simple one-color that emphasizes your text, but if you decide to go with a photo choose the one that shows what you would like for a person reading the post to do. That means that if you are in the hospitality business and you want to communicate the number of satisfied guests in your hotel you would need a picture that shows guests actually enjoying your pool, sauna or great food. For fonts go with sans-serif family as they are clean, stable and trustworthy.

4. Season Quotes
Speaking about weather is very often one of the most frequent ways to begin a conversation with somebody. So, why not use it to create beautiful season related images that will inspire conversation with your fans? It goes without saying that images have to correspond to the selected season, so autumn should be celebrated with photos of cozy sweaters, pumpkin recipes or colorful leaves. Filters should highlight beauty of the landscape and give a feeling of warmth to the photo, while fonts could either be script or display as they evoke feelings of friendliness, closeness and entertainment.

5. Funny Quotes
No matter how serious your business is some non-offensive and locally relevant humor will make you more relatable as fans will get the feeling that there is a human face behind the brand. When creating such quotes remember that the entire design has to enhance the message, so using simple background color or texture is the most elegant solution. Selected font has to accentuate the tone of the message, so if your quote uses dry humor all sans serif fonts should go nicely with that. If humor is more childlike use script or display fonts.

6. Romantic Quotes
Social Media is usually full of romantic quotes around Valentines but judging by the way we all relate to the words of love and passion there is no reason not to use them throughout the year. For background you can always settle for romantic images of two people holding hands but you can also think of other symbols of love such as clouds, infinity, sunsets, shared dinners, candle lights etc. These types of quotes are perfect if you want to play with blur or gradient filters, as they will add emotions and softness to your message. Enhance these filters with some classy serif or elegant script fonts and you are ready to post your love quote.

Hope we have convinced you that regardless of the type of industry you are in there are many ways to incorporate quote posts in your communication plan. If you feel ready check out the Content Creator app and start creating beautiful and shareable custom-designed posts!