What Your Font Says About You?

The main purpose of fonts is to make you stand out, grab the attention of viewers and encourage them to read. But fonts just like colors, also express personality of your brand and can provoke different emotions. Remember the Gap case? They switched their familiar logo and because of a huge backlash on social media decided to change it back within a week. Or take Comic Sans font as an example. Deeply hated by the designer community this font is widely used and recognizable because it makes you feel relaxed and fun and those are emotions that are hard to resist. So, before you design your next Cover Photo or Photo Post and face the dilemma of what font to use take a look at emotions different ones provoke and decide which one is the most suitable for your industry and content.

Slightly decorative lines coming off the edges of a letter characterize these fonts. It brings a feeling of reliability and sophistication so it is often used with long copies because it enhances readability. Some of serif fonts are: Times New Roman, Baskerville, Georgia, Garamond, Cambria, Book Antiqua, etc. 

Sans Serif
Clean, simplistic and current no matter what decade you use them in. These fonts are often used in digital design and praised for their readability as they allow the message to be communicated to the point. Helvetica, Verdana, Arial, Century Gothic, Calibri, Bauhaus 93 are just some examples of sans serif fonts.

As these fonts often look like they have been handwritten they are used for expression of affection, informality of spontaneity. They add dynamic to your copy and can be perfectly paired with sans serif. Typical script fonts are: Pacifico, Lucida, Brush Script, Mistral, Vivaldi, Edwardian Script, etc.

The name comes from the idea that such fonts should be displayed at a large size (larger than 14). Often considered to be loud and over the top for some brands they are however always friendly and entertaining. If you want to experiment try with: Cooper, Valencia, Spaceage Round, etc.

Just like the name says it these fonts are made for forward-looking brands, fashion labels, luxury brands or tech companies. They set trends and are usually strong, sophisticated and cool. For more inspiration look at: Futura, Avant Garde, Courier New, etc.

Remember that the more familiar your audience is with the font you choose, the more likely they will trust you and the message you’re trying to convey. That is why utilizing the same font family across multiple social media platforms and campaigns will build familiarity with the audience and keep the brand identity consistent. Let us know, what do you look for in a font? Which one for you is stylish or respectable? Leave your comments and check out Content Creator for a huge selection of fonts that will make your photo post stand out.