15 Reasons Why Visual Content Is Important For Your Business

Ever wondered why humans are so responsive to visual information and why pictures are a great way to interact with people? Here are few interesting facts you maybe didn’t know:

Humans are primarily visual creatures with about 20% of our brain used purely for vision. Visual cortex, located in the back of our head, sends information to almost all other areas of the brain and combines them with our memory and other sensory information. That’s why most of us are primarily visual learners.

Today, we receive 5 times more information than we did in 1985. Our brain, as it tries to cope with the information overload, likes to reduce them to simple ideas and pictures are a perfect way to do it. The best practical example of that are traffic signs as a way to communicate complex information with just one, simple image.

It is being said that people in 2015 are bored and move on after only 8 seconds of reading, listening, or seeing. Maybe that seems little bit exaggerated but one thing is certain: our brains tend to switch off if not continuously entertained. That’s why using visual in your communication will help you to make the most out of available time while keeping the brain entertained and interested.

The importance of visual content can be also seen in the evolution of social media sites. Facebook continues to modify its Newsfeed to include larger and more prominently displayed images and videos while Twitter now pulls pictures and videos right into its timeline and gives more space for header photos and profile pictures.

It is therefore no surprise that images are key when it comes to selling products online, as it was confirmed by the research of the U.S. National Retail Federation Report.

We live in the time where more than 2.5 billion camera phones are used every day and where photos became the “universal language” so you shouldn’t forget to include them in your business marketing tactics. For more information on how to make your brand look great sign up to Content Creator and start creating beautiful design while saving time and money.