5 Ways To Stand Out On Social Media

You are doing your best to create original content and publish posts regularly on social networks but are frustrated by the lack of engagement? Here are 5 ways that will make you stand out from your competition and get some attention in what is a busy social media world.

1. Don't Just Say It, Show It

People remember 80% of what they see and just 20% of what they read. That's the simplest explanation to an ever-growing number of photo posts we see on social media networks. In a world where smart phones and filters have greatly improved our ability to take and edit photos it became important to have credible, high quality and relevant visual content that will help you establish your brand reputation and become instantly recognizable.


If you don’t have available stock images or if your own photos are not of good quality, check out this list of 15 amazing free stock photos and use them for your next post.

2. Make The Most Out Of Your Cover Photo

The profile picture is there to make your brand easily recognizable (that’s why logo placing is a general rule-of-thumb) but the Cover photo is there to show the brand’s personality. That’s why it’s important to achieve harmony between both by using similar graphic elements such as color, font or image.

Since the amount of text on a Facebook Cover Photo is no longer limited you can use it to highlight an offer or promo deals but try not to convey too many ideas at once. If you want to promote your latest eBook, do it. Just don't try to promote your latest eBook, new Conference and list of speakers all on the same cover. Make sure you highlight just one idea per photo, as that will motivate you to change your Cover photo more frequently.

3. Highlight Your Posts

This is a very simple tip that is often underused on Facebook Pages. Highlighted posts are the first thing your fans will see after your Cover. You can use it to highlight important news, company milestone or positive testimonial of your client. Don't make the mistake of highlighting every post try to develop some sort of strategy like highlighting your posts that promote your new blog or monthly newsletters. We also recommend that, depending on your KPI's, you invest small percentage of budget in boosting your posts, as it will make you more visible on your fans newsfeeds that are not connected with your Page

4. Analyze Your Activity

No matter how many articles you read about the best time to post on Facebook or what types of content result in highest engagement, the truth is that every Business Page is different and that the only way to fully understand what your audience wants to see is to review and analyze your previous Facebook activities. The answer to habits and likes of your fans is in your Facebook analytics so find some time to go back, review them and start listening to what your fans are trying to tell you.

5. Be Original

Remember the saying: Be yourself, everyone else is already taken? That particularly applies for social networks because trying to be like everyone else will make you blend in instead of standing out. I understand that a certain level of professionalism is needed and you can have it by choosing your font pairing, color scheme or image types and using them consistently in order to make your brand instantly recognizable, just like Amanda Fuller does for her Kaleidoscope Blog. But adding a personal touch is sometimes the only thing your Page really needs. So, from time to time post a photo of your staff or behind the scene shots from the workplace so that the audience can relate to people behind the brand.

Let us know, how do you stand from your competition? What visuals work best for you? For more tips on how to improve your custom social media images sign up to Content Creator and start creating beautiful designs while saving time and money.