How To Make The Most Out Of Your Social Media Visuals

You are already creating and posting custom social media images but you’re looking for ways to make them even more shareable? Here are few tips that will help you decide on the ideal color, font or layout and make your social media design viral and engaging.


The power of color is undeniable.

All of us just need to look at our wardrobes to discover the one color that we emotionally respond to more frequently. Different nations and religions give different meanings to different colors, but one of the first researches to examine the impact of color on sharing habits was just done at Georgia Tech University. They examined Pinterest images with the highest and lowest number of shares in a period between 2009 and 2011 and found interesting results. Red, Purple and Pink, known as colors that reflect passion, lust and romantic love, were found dominantly in high shareable photos, while Green, Black, Yellow and Blue negatively affected image sharing. One interpretation of these results is that on Pinterest people rather share exciting (Red) and elegant (Purple) images then the ones that are cool (Blue), cheerful (Yellow) or relaxed (Green). But whatever the reason may be, you should give it a try next time you create a social media post by either choosing images where one of these three colors dominate or by emphasizing a part of the text with one of these three colors.


If you do not fully understand the impact of font look at the simple example below:

Emotions evoked by same sentence written in two different fonts are quite different. The first one reflects the idea that the person to whom the question is addressed is probably doing something that it shouldn’t, while the second, more relaxed font reflects a rather casual tone of voice in the question. What I am trying to say is that when choosing your font you need to think about the emotions you want to inspire. Then find up to three fonts that emotionally match words you have written and compare them to each other. If you still cannot make up your mind go with the one that is easiest to read.


There is no magic formula for a highly viral post. But there is one rule that, if respected, will get you a long way. Simplicity.

We are overwhelmed with so many messages, tweets, likes and links that present yourself in a clean, simple way that will help you cut through the noise and make people more responsive to your posts.

When designing your photo post always be careful with the amount of filters or effects you use and don’t be afraid of the empty space because it will add more power to your design. Most importantly, always make sure that your message is easy to read.

Hope these simple tips will help you make the most out of your visual assets and drive more people to your business. For these and more tips on how to improve your custom social media images sign up to Content Creator and start creating beautiful custom made designs while saving time and money.