Hoppin’ Easter Content Ideas for Small Businesses: Made with Content Creator

The National Retail Federation in 2016, predicted we would spend more than $16,4 billion on Easter goodies and events during the Easter long weekend. 2017 is even bigger, forecasters are predicting a huge increase in the number of people going out and spending money on Easter and Easter orientated activities. 

Easter is the second biggest holiday in the states (Christmas tops the cake of course), with most consumers aged from 18 to 34, online businesses have the perfect opportunity to use their content to drive traffic and an increase in profit, both in-store and online. With only a few days left for planning and executing, we have put together a few content ideas, your brand and you can use today, to drive the Easter conversation across all networks. 

Spring into Easter:

According to the Trend Bible, 2017 has been all about Spring and floral themed content. This actually makes things super easy, use such keywords as ‘’hello Spring’’ or ‘’Spring is here’’ to spark interest. This is perfect for presenting a new product that is available as of Spring or as of this month, remember we have three months of this beautiful season to use, so don’t worry about being ‘outdated’. How does Easter fall into place here, you ask? Well, use Spring materials such as flowers, pastel colors and decorations to decorate Easter posts. Check out this quick and easy example we made with Content Creator Easter templates:

Cover it up:

Use content Creator App’s pre-set dimensions for all of your Easter headers (including Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin). We know by now that cover photos are the perfect online billboards for upcoming events, new products and public holiday related events. So, use that glorious space networks have given us, to promote your Easter Sunday menu, sale or greeting. 

Be Ready for Savings:

From any public holiday or event, consumers expect sales and great savings to be made on merchandise in-store and online. Make sure you are up there with your competition, you do this by creating sale-themed posts, post visuals of your products and services if you can, remember people think visually nowadays, so use this to your advantage. Your posts will inform your audience of special offers, make sure you use keywords such as ‘’discount’’, ‘’sale’’, or ‘’Easter Special only’. And, if possible use targeting to reach your audience.

Go Visual:

2017 is all about visual experience and video, so why not use this ever-growing trend to get your business one step closer to potential consumers. A few days leading up to your Easter sale, egg hunt, Easter lunch, use live video to tell your users about all the great things they can experience with your brand this Easter. Use live video to send out a viral greetings card to your current fans and followers, this is an intimate way of introducing yourself to consumers. Live video is also a power tool which most bloggers and aspiring writers/designers have not taken full advantage of. Make sure you let your fans know about your live video, post content on all networks just to let them know the time and place. You can use Content Creator’s pre-set dimensions and templates to piece together your post, and if you are really strapped for time just use the schedule option to preorganize. 

Easter is a super creative time of the year, hand in hand with Spring, the possibilities for outstanding visual content are basically endless. Remember, as a small business, you obviously don’t have time like the big guys do, you might not even have a team behind you to carry the work-load, luckily you have available tools and ideas to help you execute a rewarding Easter campaign in no time. 

All posts were designed and made with Content Creator App, our friends at Pexels supplied visuals.