Better Together: 5 Beautiful Font Pairings You Can Copy

Tell us, how is your font pairing coming along? Do you still use just one font at a time, or do you experiment with two or three different font styles on one visual? As we want to broaden your creative horizons and encourage you to practice your creativity we have prepared few font combinations that look great together and will help you start including more fonts in your design.

1. Show Character

Cool, clean and strong display font such as Above is full of character. Try pairing it with simple and readable Jura for a modern pair that captures the attention and makes a statement.

2. Look Elegant

Seductive and elegant Lerotica font has thin lines and curves that give a feminine touch to your design. To balance it out pair it with elegant and down to earth font such as News Cycle.

3. Go For The Old School Charm

Show your personality and spirit with Wisdom Script font and combine it with vintage Abraham Lincoln for a perfect combination of a classic and sophisticated look that reminds us of the old world.

4. Be Playful 

Relaxed and playful side of your business will shine through if you pair friendly and inviting font such as Phenomena with balanced, modern and easy-to-read Existence Light for a design that doesn’t look corporate but is still not too plain. 

5. Get Noticed

To emphasize certain elements or focus the attention to a specific part of your message use thick and bold font such as Hussar for most important words and mix it with voluptuous script font such as Back to Black. Difference in size and weight of these two fonts will do the trick and make your message stand out.

Try out these 5 beautiful combinations and explore many more you will find in Content Creator. Feel free to share your design with us and we will keep you posted on all new templates and new great font pairings.