Are You Making These 4 Mistakes With Your Visual Content?

Visual content is the “it” word right now. Companies are spending hours and a significant part of their marketing budget to create custom made visuals, infographics or short videos that can engage audience and help achieve business results. Thanks to simple and free design tool like Content Creator such unlimited power to create and change visual content is now in everybody’s hands. You don’t even have to have any previous design experience. But, if you happen to notice that your visual content is not being seen by the right audience or that the reaction is not close to the one you have expected there is a great chance that you are making one of these 4 mistakes. Let’s look at them and see how you can fix them today!

1. You Believe That One Size Fits All

Each social media platform is specific in its own way, which makes the idea that one image could work for all your profiles simply impossible to achieve. Twitter can handle more words and is intended for quick reactions or comments. Pinterest is for inspiration and tricks on how to get things done. Instagram is about images and moments you capture with your phone. Facebook is about entertainment and time spent with friends and family. This alone shows you why each piece of content will not work well on all social media platforms. And then if you, on top of this, add different image formats for different social media platforms the situation gets even more complicated. 

To help you with this we encourage you to think how you can make your content fit 2 instead all of your profiles. As for the sizing, don’t worry, you don’t need to memorize different social media formats. Content Creator’s templates are automatically formatted to required profile, cover, post and ad sizes for Facebook and Twitter. This will help you save time and ensure that images are tailored to each channel so that they are presented to the audience without being cut off or distorted. 

2. You Do Not Drive Traffic

As you create your visual content you always need to have in mind the end result: where do you want to take your audience beyond your visual post? Maybe to your website, shopping site or simply to your blog? When you realize that visual content works like a time machine that takes you from one place on the web to the other and back you will be able to take full advantage of its power and potential. Considering how posts, tweets and pins can be re-used and re-purposed months or years from its original date of creation it is even more important that you give them a propped landing page and in that way ensure a lot of traffic in months to come. So, as you sit down to create awesome visual content with Content Creator start by asking yourself where do you want to drive your traffic?

3. You Do Not Call to Action

Spending a lot of time can make us fall in love in our visual content to the point where we forget about what we are trying to accomplish with it. Every time you start designing you need to ask yourself what do you want your fans to do as they see your image? It’s nice to catch people’s attention, but having them take some sort of action on your content is even better. So tell people what you expect from them to do: like, share, subscribe, sign-up, buy, comment? Do that in the post description or integrate your call to action in the design of your image. All that will help your fans to share your content in a way that contributes your brand.

4. You Are Not Consistent

Very frequently brands forget that they are competing with thousands and thousands of visual posts that are being shared every hour on different social media platforms. Instead of creating their own specific visual style that can make them instantly recognizable in the sea of other content they choose to use always different colors, fonts, language and design style. In the end all that communication looks like it doesn’t come from the same company.  Such conflicted and confusing presentation may be the reason why you are not being seen and understood. Maintain your brand’s look and feel by consistently using same colors, fonts and graphics and make sure you properly brand images so that the audience can identify you as the source of the information. Your brand will look strong, unified and your consistent delivery of high-quality visual content will take you to the next level of customer relationship.

What do you think about these mistakes? Are you guilty of making them? Share your experience and tricks you use to avoid making similar mistakes on your social media pages.