Tips & Tricks: Creating Digital Greeting Cards

Launch Content Creator App, this time we won’t be needing an image, simply choose a flat background as we are taking a clean and minimal approach. We’re using a pink shade, to match our fierce pink template. Use ‘square’ or ‘instagram dimensions’ for your card. Once we’re ready, make sure you download your free Birthday pack from the in-app store.

For this card, we used three extra text boxes (feel free to use as many as you need). We’re using a mixture of script and sans-serif fonts to write up our text. Make sure to not overuse script fonts, as too many can clash with the template. Aleo regular and bold styles, found to be the perfect match. Dynalight, a dynamic and curvy font, compliments Aleo.  

Make sure to save your image, as we will need to load it again via the app landing page. Once you have loaded your card, choose the very first template in the Birthday pack, deleting all elements but the birthday balloons. Place the balloons where there is a lot of empty space, changing the color to your desire. Save, share or schedule for a later date! 

If you missed last weeks anniversary tutorial, make sure to check it out and try combining new birthday templates, for the perfect card.