Get the Party Started With Anniversary Themed Visual Content: Tutorial

Whether you’re a business looking to celebrate a remarkable year, a loved up couple who is dying to share the best moments of their years together. Or if you’re simply looking to celebrate you and your greatness, look no further than our new anniversary templates. Design apps don’t have to be strictly used for business related content, we want to show you how you can create a simple invitation for your next celebration. 

Choose your image from our in-app gallery, or insert your own for the occasion. We left our image ‘al naturale’, using no filters and our blog header dimension. Once you’re set, head to our online store and download anniversary templates for free. 

Once you have inserted your chosen template. Add another two text boxes for added text, in this case the headline and the date. Your template is already bold, having used Chunk Five, so use a simple and sleek font like existence light for font contrast and structure. Using our color wheel and RGB color picker, you can use your own colors. Perfect for branding and consistency.

Follow the same step for your secondary headline. Make sure you stick to a maximum of three colors for your design. To finish off, we branded our invitation with our logo, make sure to use your signature or symbols that set your style apart from others. Hit save, publish or schedule or post straight away.

Stay tuned for more quick and easy tutorials, as we hope to break down the barriers between you and first class visual content. For now, enjoy brand new Anniversary and Fall templates, available at our online store.