5 Ways to Create Visual Content That Gets Noticed

We all know that to stand out from a vast amount of content being produced and shared on social media every day we need to have relevant and engaging visual content. The eye-catching images, bright color palettes and attractive fonts have a power to convince your audience to stop scrolling for a second and pay attention to the message you want to give. If you are running a small business that doesn’t have time or resources to create necessary visual content please check out our free design application called Content Creator that allows you to customize your message into attractive visuals through simple pre-made templates. To use the application effectively, cut through the noise and get the attention your brand deserves please pay attention to these 5 important things: 

1. Start With Beautiful Photos

People remember 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they read. That’s why it’s important to use quality photos as a basis for a credible and relevant visual content. There are many photo stock libraries that offer high quality photos for free so look them up and use their resource to give your brand a professional and polished look. If you are afraid that having a stock photo will make your visuals look similar to others remember that you can always edit and customize such photos so that they work best for your business. Use Content Creator app to add text, filter or shape, adjust colors, change font and in that way create custom social media images without any design skills or training needed. For more brand exposure remember to position logo of your company in the corner of the photo and keep it there consistently on all your visuals.

2. Use The Quotes (but do it wisely)

Quotes became the easiest way to send a subtle message to the world and have your fans, regardless of time, space or situation they live in, look at it and say: “Hey, I can relate to this”. However, as the number of inspirational quotes on social media has significantly increased, maybe you should try using quotes in other creative ways. For example you can create a quote from a testimonial of your customer, as that will give you credibility and show actual benefits of your product or service to others. When designing this type of post try to include a close-up photo of a person that tried the product and write the statement with script font, as that will add a touch of personality and friendliness to the message.

Additionally, you can also try to include funny or seasonal related quotes as they can inspire conversation with your fans and evoke feelings of closeness and entertainment.

3. Be Generous With Your Knowledge

To create a bond with your customers try to position yourself as a knowledgeable and useful social media friend that willingly shares valuable information through tutorials or tips & tricks posts. Thanks to Content Creator’s pre-made templates you will be able to visually communicate to the audience exactly how they can execute your proposals in the real world. As such simple format will make any task look achievable and manageable, people will be more inclined to share your information with their friends. 

If you want for these posts to look unified and clean try to develop a single layout template and decide, in advance, on the type of background, colors and fonts you will use specifically for these posts. This will not only save your time, but also create a visual harmony and help your fans notice “tips & tricks” posts easily. 

4. Power-up Your Call to Action

Few carefully chosen words in a form of a call to action can create strong impact and ensure engagement with the audience. So if you have a sale, promotion or an exciting event try to pair your words with beautiful visual templates, as that will take the whole thing to another level and incite even more action. You can apply principles of text hierarchy, where bigger font size is given to more important pieces of information, or highlight the most important element of your offer with a different color. To preserve visual interest but still keep your lengthy copy legible you can use one of the overlays in Content Creator application to create a colorful, transparent shape over your entire image. 

5. Plan Ahead

Consistency is not only important in terms of how your posts will look like but also how regularly will you be posting interesting and relevant content to your fans. It is recommended that you post five to ten times per week on Facebook and at least three to five times per day on Twitter but if you cannot keep up with these frequencies you can use Content Creator app to, not only create your visuals in advance but schedule them to be posted on Twitter and Facebook at time that ensures the best engagement. This will improve your efficiency, help you plan a series of messages in advance and maintain your overall brand strategy.

Keep these 5 things in mind as you design your visual content, that will not only communicate your message but also your brand values and aesthetics. We encourage you to keep on experimenting, reading our blog and trying new techniques and ideas. Feel free to share your thought and ideas in comments below, and for any questions or advice please contact us at Content Creator