How to Create Engaging Blog Headers in Minutes

Our design process is all about ‘minimalism’, by using the art of simplicity, you are designing smarter, quicker, achieving more with less. We stuck to our motto when we started designing the new Fall collection for our users. This week we show you how to create a clean cut blog header, using nothing but Content Creator and our brand new Fall templates.

Our in-app stock library, allows you to cut, modify and distribute images without asking for permission. In this case we chose a fall themed image from one of our highlighted galleries. Once you’ve made your choice, tap next and add a little flavor to your images, by turning up the contrast to 23% (a little bit of contrast never hurt anyone and plus it will help your elements stand out over an overlay). Tapping next will allow you to choose a pre-set dimension for your blog header or simply pop in your custom dimensions.

Adjust your stock image with a color overlay. Color Overlays will help you further brand stock imagery in order to make the image look and feel like your own. We used a simple jet black overlay, toning it’s opacity just a bar down, helping the background elements stand out. Next, take a trip to our in-app store and download ‘Fall’ templates (for free) and select one that best resonates with your vision.

Each template can be edited and re-colored to suit your brand and idea. This example uses gorgeous font pair Avenir Light and Bonveno for maximum message clarity. Simply type in your headline or keywords and adjust alignment, fonts can be changed by tapping on the FONT icon. Before you post or save, make sure you brand your design with a personal logo, by tapping the ‘insert logo’ button. To finish off, all creations can be saved, published or scheduled for a later date via the share button.

Now it's your turn! Send us your creations, as we would love to feature you in our upcoming gallery. Tune in for next week, for more super creative and useful social media design tips and tricks.