How to Recycle Your Old Facebook Content and Attract New Fans

 Creating social media content continuously, while maintaining the same level of quality and interest, is one of the most difficult struggles of any Social Media Manager. Especially if you don’t have time, money or resources to create it at the rate the social media environment demands it. If you have similar problem I have just one thing to tell you: YOU DON’T HAVE TO CREATE NEW CONTENT DAY AFTER DAY. What you need to do is make sure that the content you already have gets in the right hands. And for that to happen all you need is some creativity to recycle your existing material and breath new life into it. 

Start from Timeless things

The best place to start is your blog or social media archive. Try to look for materials that are useful, relevant and true today as they were when you posted them the first time. Those are your timeless or evergreen materials. They should share your insights, give away your business secrets or tips and be something that people can benefit from in a long run. Once you find those pieces of content you can try to:

1. Do a Spinoff

Did you love TV show “Breaking Bad”? Well, the chances are you will probably love TV Show “Just Call Saul” cause it’s the spinoff of the original one. The same rule applies in social media. If you have in your archive some list post (for example: 17 Tools That Will Inspire, Design and Promote Your Facebook Page) you can start by taking each item from the list and making individual posts or articles. In this way you will not only get ideas for new articles but will be able to expand on certain topics, present more details, examples, share how-to tricks, etc.

2. Create an infographic

If you have an interesting piece of information to share think beyond plain text. All your business data will look more appealing if you present it using charts, graphics or simple visual talking points. If you don’t have an in-house designer there are several tools available out there, such as Piktochart,Visme or Visually. They are fairly simple to use as you just need to search, drag and publish your infographic.

3. Use a Quote

Find previous posts that were very well accepted by your audience or maybe a comment from your customers or industry partners. Pull out sentence or two from that text and make a quote picture using Recite, a simple quote templates that can be edited, downloaded, e-mailed or shared on social media.

4. Make a Quiz

If you want people to read your content more carefully, give them an additional reason to do just that by organizing a Knowledge Test. Questions can be based on the content you have published in previous weeks on your social media or your website. Not only will your content be in the spotlight again, but also you will get an opportunity to present your old work to your new Facebook fans.

5. Start Q&A Posts

Your Facebook Page is a place where fans continuously ask for information or require some customer support, right? So, take advantage of that by identifying frequent questions and writing an article that will not just provide short answers to them but link to your previous timeless content.

6. Take Throwback Thursday and Flashback Fridays

Regardless of our effort the content we produce is often overlooked by our existing fans and is completely unknown to the fans we gained in the meantime. So, if you want to repost old content and publish it again do it in style. Use well know #TBT and #FBF hashtags as a great way to put the spotlight back to the old content, photos or video. 

7. Create an e-book

Collecting and expanding content into an e-book is another way you can take advantage of your archive and make more out of your old content. There are some cool tools that will make the process of creating an e-book easy such as BlogBookerPapyrusAnthologize. Fill it with useful information, tips, tricks or features and offer it to your fans in exchange for basic information or a newsletter subscription.

In the end it’s important not to be shy about promoting the refreshed material with different headline, image or a quote. There are many fans who missed your content the first time around so additional push will help you to achieve better visibility and reach much wider audience.

Hope these tips will help you the next time you have to come up with monthly content plan and feel free to share your ideas and tricks you use to refresh existing materials.