The Smarter Way to Share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Creating visual content that will bring value to your audience is important for the growth of your social media profiles, but knowing when and how often to share such content is essential. To make sure you stay at the top of your game and give your audience not only what they want but also when they want it we checked latest researches and found out what are best practices that you can use as a starting point to find posting frequency and timing that best suit your business and your audience.


If you want to have regular presence but not overburden the newsfeed of your fans you should be posting once or twice each day of the week. Posting more than that will annoy your audience and you may even experience significant drop of engagement. Facebook posts receive 75 percent of their responses within two hours and 30 minutes, but you can always choose to boost the interaction through sponsored posts and ads. Instead of increasing posting frequency try to experiment with different types of posts, changing between branded photos, useful facts, quote posts, sales posts, promo posts, videos or infographics. If you feel overwhelmed by the type of content you should be creating rely on Content Creator design app to make the process easy and design visual content that has significantly higher chances of showing up in the newsfeed.

When it comes to the timing peak posting hours are usually between noon and 3PM. However, if you want to avoid that social media rush hour we recommend a different tactic that will help you stand out in the beginning. Since people are checking their social media profiles more and more on their smartphones we started noticing a significant interaction on Facebook between 5PM and 1AM, with the average number of interactions being highest between midnight and 1AM. At that time people are off from work, more relaxed and more inclined to connect with friends and family. If these off-times are challenging for you don’t worry, you don’t need to stay up late to post your content. Scheduling and posting options at Content Creator enable you to create content in advance and schedule it to be posted at any time that is suitable for best engagement. To check out if your posting tactic is really working try using a great tool called Fanpage Karma which gives you detailed information about which type of posts and at what time (in the week and during the day) perform best for your audience. It’s free for one Page so take a look and learn more about the viewing habits of your fans.


Twitter posts have extremely short life cycle that is estimated to only 18 minutes after which the engagement drops significantly. Because of that, it is recommended to tweet between three and five times per day, depending on the quality of information that you want to share with your followers. Try to be careful about pushing your own agenda too much and focus on responding to questions and retweeting other people’s content. That will give you leverage and people will be more inclined to pay attention to your posts. The same posting rush hour can be seen on Twitter, with 50% of tweets published between noon and 1PM. However, we recommend that you try posting around 5PM to catch the ones checking Twitter after finishing with work. You can also experiment with off-hours, from 8PM to midnight, when the competition is slower and you have more chances to stand out with your content. 


There are many things still unclear about this social media platform. We still don’t have statistics regarding the average lifespan of each post or most effective posting frequency. However, we can say that major brands usually share once or twice per day of Instagram and that seems to be the network norm. There is no significant drop-off in engagement if you post even frequently, but make sure that the quality of posts is in line with the overall feel and atmosphere of your Instagram profile. Customers love to see what goes on in your business on a daily basis so post behind the scene pictures of your company, production process or employees, as it will make your business look more human and approachable. 

When it comes to the timing if you want to achieve higher engagement think about your competition, act smart and try to avoid the crowd. For example, try to post between 2AM and 5AM so that your message is among the first ones your followers will see when they wake up. Also, if you want to make sure that selected posting tactic is really working for you check out tools such as Iconosquare (free 7-day trial) or Squarelovin for more information about engagement, post timing, lifespan and so much more.

It is clear that if you want to be a part of the daily rush you should stick with the usual workweek-lunchtime posting pattern, but if you want to increase interaction with your fans you should consider moving outside your usual schedule and talking with your audience at the time that is more convenient to them. Hope these guidelines and suggested tools will inspire you to continue testing, experimenting and improving until you discover ideal posting timing and frequency for your business. If you have found magical posting formula for your preferred social networks please share your experiences with us. We would like to hear what you think!