7 Reasons Why Good Design is Important For Your Business

Running a small business is not a small task. There are several different activities and concerns that you need to take care of on a daily basis so thinking about design or quality branding is very often at the bottom of that list. However, it has been proven that good branding can increase the value of the company, provide employees with direction and make new business efforts so much easier. Ultimately good design can make a difference between getting ahead of your competitors or turning off your customers. These are just some reasons why investing time and resources in more polished look is a crucial step in the process of creating and maintaining a successful business. Today, we will be talking about 7 of them with hope that you will get a better idea of how a cohesive and well-designed visual presence can have great effect on your business:

1. Makes You Memorable

Have you ever had a situation where you can’t remember the name of a product but you can easily picture how it looks? You can remember colors, logo, shape, wording or any other carefully designed detail that belongs to that particular brand. Some or all of those little elements that create a brand story will stick to your memory and help you recognize certain brand in the future. Many studies have proven that color, for example, is a very important influence of what and how we remember certain things. The study on the Influence of Color on Memory showed that colors lead to better memory performance and increase chances of “environmental stimuli to be encoded, stored and retrieved successfully”. Of course there is more to the brand than it meets the eye but distinct design, font or a color gives your audience a mental picture of your business and helps you stand out from hundreds of different companies that are competing for attention.

2. Makes You Look Good

Making a good first impression is what good design is really all about. And in many ways that is like meeting someone for the first time. In the first few seconds of shaking that person's hand you will form some opinion about him or her. Similarly, company leaves an impression on its clients, vendors or partners with every ad, post, label, packaging, leaflet or any other type of marketing material you send to the world. So, how do you want to use those seconds to introduce your brand? Do you want to make a great first impression or cast an unfavorable light on your business with cheap design? Do you want to give corporate, modern, relaxed or more family vibe with your visual presence? The decision is yours. The good this is that even if your company cannot afford a professional designer there are free design applications such as Content Creator that are here to help you present yourself on social media. Use them, present yourself accurately to potential customers and make positive and lasting first impression.

3. Makes You Stand Out

In any line of business there are many companies that are offering similar product, for a similar price and with similar benefits. So, the question is how to stand out? If we are being honest we will all admit that on many occasions we have decided to purchase one brand and not the other because the packaging or label looked more attractive. Human beings tend to be biased toward beautifully looking things, as they perceive them as better in terms of function as well. Design can sometimes be the only thing that differentiates one product from other so invest in your visual presence as it can go a long way and convince people to buy your product and not the one from your competition. 

4. Makes You Recognizable

A strong brand is recognizable even when the logo isn’t present. You can identify it through its visual (colors, fonts, patterns) and non-visual elements (terminology, tone). That simple set of visual rules that need to be respected and applied in all your communication ensures visual consistency and allows you to be recognized no matter what type of material or platform you are using. So don’t be tempted to apply your graphic standards loosely. Don’t aim for colors similar to yours or font that resembles your original font. We already established how color could help someone remember your brand so insist on your graphic standards and always aim for complete consistency so that the communication can look and feel as if it’s coming from the same company. 

5. Shows Your Brand Values

Companies spend a lot of time deciding on brand values and turning them into engaging and empowering mission statements. However, not many people ever go to your website to actually read that statement. Therefore all the values and ideas that your company is passionate about need to be presented in a way that is simple and easy to understand. Considering the fact the design is a universal language one of the best ways to communicate brand values is through visuals, colors and fonts. They will do all the talking. 

Keep in mind that warm colors show relaxed and friendly atmosphere, that blues and greys command respect, while black and violet are often associated with prestige and elegance. Choose script fonts if your tone is relaxed and casual, opt for sans-serif fonts if the content is in focus, or go for serif fonts if tradition and authority is the vibe you want to give. 

6. Convinces You to Take Action

The purpose of design is to present and preferably convince the viewer to try the product. To do that you need to motivate audience to take an action by showing them what the brand can do for them. That is why you show a girl in a great shape if you are promoting sports equipment, a couple having a great time when promoting travel destinations or a person reading an electronic book in bed when presenting new e-book resource. 

Always combine relevant images with equally exciting and engaging copy that explains what actions are expected. You can invite audience to download something, sign in for your newsletter, try a product for one month, use discount, etc. Carefully crafted and designed this piece of visual content can convince people to take that necessary step, try what you have to offer and remain your loyal customer.

7. Saves You Time and Money

Badly designed visual can be very expensive. You may experience problems with printing, struggle with brand consistency and in the end change your design so many times that people will no longer be able to identify you. Business owners want to have a business that will keep on going for years to come and become timeless. To achieve that you need to insist on your design. 

That however doesn’t mean that different stylistic changes are not possible. After all, there are so many emerging trends in design that staying completely the same is not an option. But take a cue from companies like Google. Maybe they have polished their look through years but the new logo is still remarkably similar to the original one. So be smart and think in a long run. Paying attention to your visuals will help you save time and money so that you can be more efficient with your resources and more focused on your actual work.

Someone said that “good design is like a great suit – everyone takes notice”. If you believe in this and want to improve every aspect of your business think about the effect of design and start using smart solutions to present your company in a way that will look professional and will resonate with your consumers.