3 Filter Rules That Will Help You Get More Clicks On Social Media

The popularity of image-sharing sites like Instagram has made photo filters, those visual enhancers that make pictures look richer, grainier or aged, part of the everyday digital language that affects the way people engage with photos. In-depth study from researchers at Yahoo Labs and the Georgia Institute of Technology analyzed more than seven million images uploaded to Flickr from mobile devices (about half of which originated on Instagram) and showed that filtered photos significantly outperform unfiltered photos in terms of engagement. Filtered photos were 21 percent more likely to be viewed than unfiltered ones, and 45 percent more likely to generate a comment. With that in mind if you are looking for more ways to engage with your audience check out our Content Creator filters and keep in mind these few tips:

1. Know the Emotions You Want to Project

Filters affect mood and feel of your images so you need to be certain what kind of effect you want to achieve. If you are looking for increased engagement try filters that boost energy, exposure and contrast such as the Saturation filter. The purpose of such filter is to enhance pink, yellow, and orange tones with extra glow and make the entire image cheerful and more inviting. For an old school charm choose powerful black and white combination with Grayscale filter, but if you look to create tender and warm feeling on your photos choose caramel-like Haze filter. We have filters for every mood so try to find the ones that best suit the emotions and atmosphere of your message or brand.

2. Look for Consistency

Different stock libraries have their own specific look and style but if using a single source for your social media images is not an option you need to define filters that you will apply consistently on all your photos. That’s a great way to remove the “stock” out of stock photography but also visually brand your business on social media and make yourself instantly recognizable. Before you decide on a single filter try it out on several different images, like we did with Miss Etikate filter, as the same filter may respond differently to contrast and brightness. 

3. Create a Focal Point

One of the great ways to increase visual appeal of any photo or pull the viewer’s eye to a particular part of the photo is applying Vignette filter. It’s a simple and classy way to add depth and dimensions to the photo, to soften harsh edges for a dreamy feel or even create a frame that will give your photo a more retro look. This filter looks especially nice when applied to monochrome colors but remember to use it in moderation and only as much as it takes to enhance the focus, because when used excessively this filter can give your photo a fake look.

In case you get carried away with filters and end up with photo that is over-saturated, over-exposed or too much dated don’t worry. You can go back to original settings by choosing the No filter option in Content Creator. It will restore your image to the state it was before you applied any filter and you can start from beginning. 

We hope you feel inspired to put these tips into action and include more filters in your design. Let us know how it goes and remember we are here to help you if you need any assistance!