3 Ways to Get Creative With Facebook Status Updates

If you look at individual or business Facebook profiles you will notice many statuses that are along the line of “I am doing this” or “We just did that”. But stating facts is not what social media is all about. It’s about communicating and sharing your thoughts, stories, experiences and ideas with your audience. Asking a simple question is sometimes all it takes to get noticed, start a conversation and increase number of fans. And if you combine such statuses with beautiful and eye-catching visuals you are turning your Page into an active, fun place that people will want to visit over and over again. Here are a few super-easy templates that you can try for yourself:

This or That

The simplest way to initiate a conversation is to have a poll-type question that allows people to choose between 2 to 4 options. People like to “voice” their opinions, just make sure your question is short, to the point and adjusted to your business, season or current events. Fanta, for example, asked a simple question that did not mention the product but it did correspond perfectly to the summery season and summery image of the brand. Selected font reflected quirky and creative tone of voice, while its color contrasted the background and made message easy to read. 


Our brains can’t resist filling in the blanks – we just always want to complete that missing ___________. For optimal engagement, write a fill-in-the-blank that opens a larger discussion not just with your fans, but also between your fans. This is an example of Dove post that has intrigued conversation by asking a question that does not speak directly about the product but is related to the product category. For purpose of instant brand recognition Dove uses its famous blue-white background, sans serif font and bird icon consistently. 

Trivia Questions

If you want to activate your user base and communicate your product in a fun and engaging way try riddles or trivia questions. They are intriguing enough to spark the conversation and interesting enough to be shared with friends. Dell, for example, used fun, technology-related trivia to communicate their accessories product: Stylus.  

There are many businesses that are still using social media for everything but socialising. You may prefer Facebook or some other social network, but the point is that they all exist to bring people together. If you are not using it to connect and communicate with others you are not using it to its greatest potential, so put these templates to test and bring “social” back to social networking.