4 Ways to Make Your Social Media Sizzling Hot For The Summer

Although summer is perceived as a fun, relaxing time that is associated with less interest in work and more interest in vacation, for business owners summer doesn’t change much when it comes to planning, executing, and reacting. What’s more, unless your company is specialized in outdoor activities, refreshing drinks or swimwear, June, July and August can be quite challenging for business. If you want to keep everyone’s attention on all the great things you are doing or simply present your company and brand in a more summery way we suggest you rely on that one thing that doesn’t get quiet during summer: social media. To help you with that we at Content Creator have prepared a special summer edition of our pre-designed templates that will enable you to harness your social media goals during this season. Here’s how to use them to create sizzling hot social media presence: 

1. Give Your Page a Summer Vibe

To put yourself a step ahead of competitors and create an appearance that your business is fresh and current don’t forget to create Cover and Profile photos that will communicate playful, bright, summery feeling. Choose one of Content Creator’s summer templates, color them in warm blues, greens and yellows and write some friendly and relaxed message. Keep the same visual theme on all your social media Pages. It will take less time and it will keep your appearance clean and consistent. 

2. Avoid Summer Sale Slowdown

Regardless of the industry you are in, creating a discount plan and choosing discounted items is something that will make your business stay alive during this lukewarm season. For start you can choose and present summer items that can be applied, consumed, prepared or carried during this season. Introduce them as a limited summer vacation collection or simply as must-have products and support them with additional tips and advices that your fans will benefit from.

If you are in the e-commerce industry remember that there is no better keyword for summer than “clearance”. This word, emphasized on your social media ads and posts with bigger font or contrasting color, will help you attract visitors to your website. For more inspiration check out our selection of Sale related templates, adjust them to your visual standards and start advertising your offer today.

If you are interested in expanding your business use this period to set up a referral program that will turn your current fans into brand ambassadors. Give them an attractive offer for the service they are already using, show you appreciation for their loyalty and keep them with you for months to come.

3. Run Summer Contests

Running a contest is always a great way to generate buzz and excitement around your business and especially effective in the summer when you have to work a little harder to spark the interest of your customers. Ask people to submit photos, videos, or some other type of material in exchange for awards, as that will allow you to get additional content that you can leverage across your platforms. Summertime is the perfect time to run a long promotion, so if you can afford to have multiple prizes, do it now. We recommend having an ongoing promotion where the prize changes every few weeks. This will keep your audience engaged throughout the summer. 

4. Don’t Forget to Have Fun

For many businesses, summer is a great opportunity to connect with customers in a friendly atmosphere. Everyone’s generally happy and relaxed due to weather, children are out of school for the summer and parents are looking for something fun to do. Some businesses can capitalize on this by having special events to attract families or organize fun summer specials for grown-ups. Regardless of the event-theme you can rely on Content Creator to create posters, invitations, ads or social media posts that will spread the word and make your party the talk of the town.

As you can see summer gives you a great opportunity to make a splash and jumpstart your online reputation, so take advantage of the change in customer routines to encourage them to try your product or service with the help of Content Creator and social media.