3 Brilliant New Ways to Use Content Creator

For small businesses that do not have a huge marketing department or budget to hire professional designers, having a quality and no-fuss solution for the online marketing materials is very important. That is why with Content Creator you are getting a great source of support and inspiration that will help you create many different online materials in just a few minutes. 

We’ve already talked a lot about how you can use Content Creator for eye-catching Cover Photos or beautiful posts for your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. But, how about some other great things you could design with this simple and free design application?

1. Create a Blog Post Header

If you want to make your Blog post more appealing you should definitely include an image header with a main title of the blog. When creating images that contain a title it is important that you emphasize parts of the message either with a different color or a different font size. Even if you can use only one font don't worry. The end result will not be dull if you combine regular with bold version of the same font. If the image you are using for the background is too busy and you are afraid that the text would be hard to read you can always use a background shape from Content Creator’s ready-made templates and adjust its brightness and saturation to achieve darker or more transparent tone. For more impact try to combine black and white photo with bright or even neon colors for letters. 

2. Create a Digital Greeting Card

Design applications do not have to be used only for business purpose. Why not use it to share a Valentine’s Day message to that special someone or create a beautiful and personalized birthday card. There are many great ready-made templates you can use or you choose to design your own. For example try clean and minimal approach that includes a flat background color and message written in a combination of script fonts such as Strato or Wisdom Script with sans-serif fonts such as Titan One or Panamera. Place the greeting card on social media profile or send it directly by mail. It will make someone really happy.

3. Create a Social Media Ad

The success of your online campaign will depend on two things: focused targeting and a great design that attracts the attention. If a lack of budget or time is what’s keeping you from starting or adjusting your ad campaigns Content Creator is here to help you create social media and online ads quickly and for free. We advise that you develop up to at least 4 different ad designs for each campaign (preferably use two different images with two different copy texts) and test each one of them. If you are designing ads for Facebook stay away from blue or white color, as they will blend in with the background, and remember that the Facebook has a strict policy according to which text may occupy only 20% of the image. Don’t forget to strengthen your image by integrating a strong call to action that will encourage fans to like, save, shop… 

Ready to experiment with these new formats? Great! Have fun, keep on designing and let us know if we can help you in any way.