Add Order to Your Design: 3 Ways to Align and Design

Someone said that design with bad alignment is like a poorly organized desk. Everything is cluttered, unattractive and nothing is where you expect it to be. It doesn’t take much to clean up a messy desk, just as it doesn’t take much to clean up a messy and poorly aligned design. Alignment, as one of the most important design principles, is all about organizing elements relative to an invisible line or margins. It makes everything look organized, invisibly connected and visually logical. While images require edge or center alignment there are four common alignment types for text: center, left, right and justified

If you are not sure how to use the alignment principle to create more professional and sharp images here are three rules that will unify your design elements into one strong structure: 

1. Think About the Whole Picture

Regardless of the type of alignment you end up having just make sure that it applies to all elements of your design, both text and images. If your text is centrally aligned try to achieve, when possible, vertical and/or horizontal alignment of letters and shapes for a clean and balanced looking design.

2. Think About Line Spacing

Another way to make your design elements breathe is to keep spacing between aligned text lines the same. It will not only improve readability but will allow you to emphasize certain elements of your design or separate two or more sections of your text. For more focus try using and centering the background shape as well. It will make your text stand out and have greater impact on the audience. 

3. Think About Your Image

If you want to use the full power of the image place your text on the available empty space and align it in accordance with the position of that space. That means that an image with a lot of space to the left will look best if the text is also aligned to the left. Let the color of your text stand out from the background so that your message is easy to read. 

In design nothing should be placed on image arbitrary and little things such as alignment can bring your design from amateur to professional. Just follow these tips and learn how to create better-designed images through proper alignment of every element in your design. Let us know how it goes and if we can help you in any way!