5 Great Quotes to Inspire Your Design

Inspiration comes in many forms and we can find it while walking the dog, reading a book, looking at a painting or simply reading an inspiring quote. This is why this time we would like to share with you beautifully designed posts that communicate ideas that we personally like and think will help your design look great.

1.Keep It Simple

When creating social media posts simplicity should be your mantra. This means creating posts that don’t have too complicated color schemes or clashing fonts. Remember, 2 to 3 different colors and fonts is the limit and you should try not to go over this number. Simplicity also means using quality-looking photos from your own archive or free photo libraries. It means deciding what you want to say and saying just that without any lengthy line spillovers. We encourage you to experiment and be bold when designing social media visuals, but not so bold to forget that simple is beautiful. 

2. Show, Don’t Tell

It’s being said that the average attention span of people is 8 seconds, which means that you don’t have a luxury of explaining an idea to your audience. Today, we receive 5 times more information than we did in 1985. Our brain, as it tries to cope with the information overload, likes to reduce them to simple ideas so pictures are a perfect way to do it. This means that most of what people will get and feel from your post has to come from an image you choose to use. That’s why it’s important that the photo you choose compliments and supports your text. Use fonts that are easy to read and make sure they match with the tone of your message and the audience you are trying to reach. This means no elaborate or flashy fonts if the message is formal, nor traditional and old-fashioned serif fonts for a relaxing and casual post. Use the power of colors to make sure that your message hasn’t been lost and emphasize a clear call to action.

3. Good Design Is More Than Meets the Eye

An important element of a good design is often not what you choose to use, but what you choose to skip. This means that using too many words or having too busy image will make your posts confusing and unprofessional. Remember that fonts, just like colors, express personality of your brand and can provoke different emotions. Avoid using too many different fonts and create an order in a way you arrange your text. It will help you viewers to know where to start reading or what’s the most important element of your message. Try to find a good balance between these elements, and once you achieve it do not be inclined to change it too often but stick to it and repeat it regularly in your photo posts. As people start trusting your social media posts they will feel comfortable because your brand is consistent and makes them feel like they really know you. 

4. Learn From Your Mistakes

Learning how to design means knowing that you will mess up. But that should not stop you from trying. Yes, there will be posts that will have too much text, the ones that will be hard to read because the contrast is too low, or maybe you will choose display fonts more often than you should, but that’s life. Mistakes happen and you need to learn from them and move on. Just keep on reading Content Creator blogs, follow our tips, experiment on your own and in no time you will be designing beautifully looking social media visuals.

5. Details Matter

They say that devil is in the details and that really applies to design. Make sure that you always use hi-resolution photos for your social media visuals and enrich them with clean, concise text. Pay attention to the contrast between background and color of your letters because the purpose of design is not just to produce a beautiful image, but also help you communicate message in a way that will be understandable to everyone. Apply logic when choosing colors and make sure it is appropriate for the industry you are in. Do not forget to double-check your spelling and grammar before you post your visual. Nothing will shift the conversation away from your message as comments regarding bad spelling. 

What was your favorite design quote from the ones we have shown? Do you have a favorite inspirational design quote? Let us know in the comments section below!