6 Ways to Make Your Message Stand Out From The Background

One of the best ways to make your social media covers, posts, ads or banners come to life is to choose a beautiful photo that will add interest to your visual. You can use your own, or you can choose one from many free stock libraries that we recommended in our previous blogs. However, purpose of a good design is not only to look good but also to communicate your message in a way that is cohesive, understandable and easy to read. Therefore good photo is just a basis for your visual foundation that is, thanks to free design applications such as Content Creator, further enhanced with shapes, colors, transparencies and fonts. They help you create original designs and ensure that your message stands out. If you are having problems with how to combine image and text here are 6 tricks that will make your design shine.

1. Get More With Less

In case the image you choose to use is too busy, has too many details or you would simply like to focus the attention to a particular part of the image you should try to get rid of all unnecessary details by cropping a photo and using just a part of it. In that way you will create original, textured background that will be a perfect background for your text. If you want to crop images in Content Creator just place photo in a grid and stretch it until you find a new focus. 

2. Be Clever With Space

When looking for photos try to choose the ones that have some empty areas also referred as a “copy space”. They are perfect ready-to-use backgrounds because they ensure maximum readability of your message but still provide a lot of visual interest. In case you don’t have enough copy space remember that you can always create it by stretching your image within the grid. To maintain continuity choose the text color that compliments the color of the object on your photo but make sure that important elements of design, such as call to action buttons, are highlighted in some other color that will make them stand out.

3. Blur the Background

If you want to make sure that font is sharp and stands out from the background you can try to blur the background. Just take the image and apply the Gaussian Blur filter from Content Creator. Make sure that the image you have selected for the post has tones that compliment and are relevant to the message because tones will be the main feature of the image once you apply the blur. 

4. Add Transparent Shapes

For more contrast and illusion of space you can add colored shape from one of Content Creator ready-made templates and play with the transparency option until you achieve desired effect. This trick will ensure that you have enough place to put your copy while still preserving the texture of the photo. Choose the color of the shape depending on the type of photo you are having. If the image is b/w the transparent shape should be bright and vibrant. In other cases, if the image itself is colorful, the transparent shape should be white or pale colored.

5. Use CC Templates

Content Creator has many beautiful ready-made templates that consist of various shapes that serve as beautiful text holders. With them your copy will be clear and easy to read no matter how busy of vivid your image may be. The shape should never go over some important part of an image but should follow natural flow and make the best out of available empty space. The only thing we would suggest it that when it comes to the color of the shape you try to find dominant color in your photo and use it as an inspiration for your shape color. It will help you preserve visual and aesthetic harmony in your design. 

6. Focus the Attention

Another way to focus content over a detailed background is to place borders around your copy. It can be square, round or any other shape that suits you. What’s important is that the text color and shape color have strong contrast with the background image so that the legibility of the message is not compromised.

Feeling inspired to try cropping techniques, shapes and filters in your next design? Great! Good luck and let us know how it goes in comments below.