5 Ways to Get Your Business Noticed on 4th of July

Summer is in full swing and as Americans prepare to celebrate Independence Day with friends, family and food it’s time for your business to take this opportunity and mark the beginning of the busiest half of the year. 

Fourth of July, like many other holidays, became one of the major marketing events of the year not just for world’s biggest corporations but small corner shops as well. According to the National Retail Federation’s 2015 Independence Day Survey more than 156 million consumers—nearly two thirds of those celebrating (64.4 percent), took part in the patriotic holiday by attending a cookout, picnic or barbecue while more than 48 million consumers (or 22.8%) hit the stores looking for decoration, apparel and spending in average $300 to celebrate in style. Although your business may go dark for that day there is no reason to keep your social media silent before or even on the day of the celebration. If you want to use this opportunity to put a little extra character into your brand and incorporate the celebration into your social presence we have prepared several ideas that will help your Fourth of July sales spike higher than a celebratory firework. 

Wear Red, White, and Blue 

Customers will be looking for red, white, and blue themed clothing, accessories, and even patriotic colored food items so showcase patriotically colored merchandise front and center in your offline and online advertising.   

But don’t stop there. More and more Americans go online to share and shop so the way you present yourself and your company can help you attract new clients. Make sure you update your web and social media profiles with something little more patriotic. Use Content Creator’s specially designed Independence Day templates to create Facebook, Twitter and other social media covers or header images and show that you ready for the celebration. These small changes can drive not just enthusiasm for your brand, but sales too.

Run a Seasonal Promotion

Since Fourth of July is huge for retail sales events and you will have a lot of competition for those consumer dollars you will need to stand out from others and promote your sales and special Fourth of July discounts. It’s well known that one of the biggest turn-offs for online consumers are shipping costs, so offering them for free is one of the best ways to convert unsure buyers into confirmed customers. If your business can absorb a few days of free shipping costs in exchange for customers who’ll be back, happy and ready to spend, the next time round, the Fourth of July is a great opportunity to test this in the field. 

Curate a Themed Offer 

Creating an Independence Day themed product or service doesn’t have to be limited to patriotic clothing or flag-covered cupcakes. If you run a restaurant business you can make special menu items that utilize American beef and produce in dishes. If you run a nail salon or hair salon, then cater to the independent spirit by offering up holiday-only manicures with the stars and stripes, or easily-washable red, white and blue hair coloring for those who want to make a statement. If you are in retail business try to feature your merchandise by communicating Independence Day through other symbols that we connect with this holiday such as beach, cool drinks, parties, and food. The clean design and whimsical fonts that you can find in our special Independence Day templates will make your offer look professional and visually attractive.

Host an Online Contest

One of the easiest ways to connect with your audience and start conversation is to organize Independence Day contests. You can prompt fans to submit their favorite Fourth of July memories, share how they show their American pride in exchange for several great prizes or enter an online “bake-off” with submitted recipes. Fans will ask friends to vote for their entries, prompting shares and potential new customers. To design your promo materials, both online and offline, you can browse through specially curated Independence Day templates or choose among many others for a chance to create beautiful and effective design in a matter of minutes.

Share Ideas for Entertaining, Crafting, and Fashion

Not everything has to be about selling. If you can become a known online resource for stuff like parade routes, good places to watch fireworks, local food and drink deals, and other essential holiday knowledge, it will further your brand in the long run. Utilize your company’s Twitter and Facebook profiles to send out maps, talk about fireworks safety tips, share festive Independence Day recipes and summer cocktails or create a video tutorial for a dip-dyed denim shorts. 

In the end don’t forget that Content Creator is also a perfect tool to create business or personal invitations for a Fourth of July barbecue or fireworks. Use red-blue-white color combination to emphasize certain parts of your message and combine them with photos of American flag, fireworks or barbecue for a bigger impact. 

Happy holiday and let us know in the comments how your business is celebrating the nation’s birthday?

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