6 Stickers That Will Breathe New Life Into Your Social Media Content

To make your social media designs and content fun, catchy, different or simply more like you and your business we at Content Creator have paid special attention to our selection of stickers. We have created simple and searchable categories in the application and added new stickers such as geometric shapes, hearts, ribbons, clouds and badges, to name a few. If you are not sure what you can use them for here are some ideas that will show you how to incorporate them frequently in your design. 

1. Ribbons

Presented in three different categories within the Content Creator application ribbons will help you add character to a simple photo or give visual interest to lengthy message. You can choose to match the color of the ribbon with dominant color on your photo, or opt for strong contrast to make the message pop out. 

2. Clouds

All of you who would like to give your photos a voice should check out or collection of speech bubbles. Inspired by universally understood language of comics our bubbles and caption boxes are perfect way to add element of storytelling to your design. Just choose one sticker from the Clouds section and simple drag and drop it on your design. Add your own dialogue, change the color, move and resize it as you wish.

3. Shapes

Placing a text on a busy or detailed photo may impair readability of your message. In that situation you can rely on our great selection of shapes that will provide a beautiful background for your message. We recommend that you match the shape’s color with the ones from the photo and choose font style that best corresponds to the atmosphere of your message.

4. Loveshapes

Holidays, celebrations and birthdays are a perfect opportunity to express your love and appreciation for your fans or loved ones. Make sure you share your feelings with our loved-up sticker shapes that you can apply on your cards, social media posts or promotions.

5. Birthday

If you want to commemorate your special day, send someone amazing birthday wishes or talk about fantastic birthday day ideas, foods, party favors and gifts explore our Birthday sticker selection. Add them to your design, create something memorable and remind friends, family or fans that they are important to you.

6. Discounts

To attract extra attention to your sales and discounts explore Discount, Shopping, Offers or Sales sticker sections in Content Creator where you can find professionally designed color or number-shaped stickers, badges, banners and price tags. Drag and drop them on your photo, adjust their color or font style and make most important information such as discount value or duration of promotion larger in size so that the information is easy to read and understand.

Did you find something that interests you? Do you feel inspired to decorate your next social media content with our stickers? We hope you will enjoy browsing our new selection and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.